Time to Take Stock

7 01 2012

Well another walleye season has come and gone, at least for me it has.  Some people will venture out on the ice but I don’t have the patience or equipment for that.  Only thing left for me is to get ready for next Spring.  That means re-organize, repair and re-stock.

Over the course of the season lures seem to end up in the craziest places.  Most of the time it’s just laziness on my part but everything has a place and the lures and equipment need to be put back where they belong.  Before that happens though I inspect everything to see what needs to be repaired.  The Trenton Channel, my home waters, is hard on equipment.  Mangled shanks, bent hooks and broken lips are more the norm then the exception.  Checking lures may seem like common sense but on more than one occasion I have pulled a Rap out of the box only to find the hooks bent or the lip broken.   

The hooks on an original floating Rapala are light and bend easily.  This is both good and bad.  When they snag up on something they usually bend enough to where the lure will come free.  At 9.00 dollars a pop that is a good thing.  Problem is though that same propensity to bend can also cost you a few fish.  It comes down to personal preference.   Replace them with a stronger hook and lose more lures and less fish or leave the originals on and have it go the other way, the choice is yours.  Broken lips are another story.  I keep hoping that someday I will come across a bunch of replacement lips but until then they just get put aside until that day.

Once the inspection is done it’s time to take stock of everything I have and to see what I lost over the year.  I have 8 Plano boxes with all my lures sorted by size and type in my boat.  After every season I pull all the boxes and take an inventory of everything I have.  Some may think this is a little anal retentive but I am an accountant and spreadsheets are my life.  Keeping an exact tally of lure by size and color just comes naturally to me.   This also keeps me from buying too many of a lure I already have.  When I can get a deal on some lures it’s no big thing but when they are full price, it pays to know.   You don’t have to get as meticulous as I do but it doesn’t hurt to take a look in the tackle box to see exactly what you have.  I’m all about saving a buck so money saved on a color I don’t really need is a couple of extra gallons of gas for the boat.  It pays to do all of this now with the Fishing shows just around the corner.  I will have 3 in my area in the next 2 months and a lot of good deals can be found at them.

Now is the time to do this.  You don’t want to be out there when the fish are hitting hot and heavy to find out something is wrong.  A little time and effort now can go a long way.



2 responses

8 01 2012

Concerning your broken rapalas, my recommendation would be to go on one of the prominent local blog site forums and ask about broken rapalas and busted lips(or bills). A few local guys have plastic injection expertise and will get you on some replacement parts, then you can dremel out the busted lip and 2 part epoxy a new one in. Worked for me i had 50 + busted raps from 3 years of Trenton channel madness and i was able to repair all but 3 of them. That was like putting half a G in your bank account, if you like accounting terms LOL

8 01 2012

I did pick up some lips for one person but they turned out to be very brittle and they broke if I dropped the lure. One of these days I am going to come across some lure collector who acquired a bunch of original Rapala lips.

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