Can you believe this?

31 01 2012

Jan. 31st 2012, 54 degrees in South East Michigan. Last November the weather experts were predicting that this was going to be one of the worst winters for snow accumulation in recent history. All the snow the NE got last year was supposed to get dumped on Michigan this year. I have shoveled my driveway once and that was because I didn’t want anyone tracking snow in the house.

The boat is coming out this weekend. Walleye Beware !!



4 responses

1 02 2012
River rat

Hopefully you’ll let us know where the walleye are.

1 02 2012

Yes I will…..

2 02 2012
Rob MacDonald (lurebreaker)

Safety in numbers Mark, im heading out this weekend as well, batteries are in for the season i believe. My screen was lit up when i went out last week lit up with SHAD,. Hopefully we can catch the dumb fish. Going to try hitting Brest Bay with a friend Saturday , maybe the river tomorrow. Will report back with you

2 02 2012

I’m hoping for Sunday morning myself. Depends how I feel, getting over a cold right now.

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