1st Fishing Report for the year 2/5/12

5 02 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 9:15 am to 11:00 am
Water Temp: 34.8 Degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: Clear and Sunny
Wind: N and calm
Water Depth: 13 feet
Presentation: Handlining, 3 Leads 40,20,6
Lures: F 11 Clown

Notes: Had to take advantage of the warm weather so I went out today. Picked up one 20 inch male NW of the Catamaran. I have now caught a walleye in every month of the year in the Trenton Channel. Fair amount of floating weeds and no debris. Lots of geese still around and a few ducks. Did see what appeared to be an immature Bald Eagle down by Humbug Marsh.



2 responses

7 02 2012
Dave Fitch

Mark, it’s just around the corner. Congrats on now taking a handline walleye in every month of the year. Last year was my first year and I caught one in every month except January and February. February isn’t over yet . We will see you on the water.
Dave Fitch (Davido)

7 02 2012

Thanks, I had to take advantage of this warm weather. Not too often when we have the opportunity to fish from our boats in February.

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