26 02 2012

Outdoorama, at one time the biggest outdoor show of the year.  Back when this show was at the Michigan State Fairgrounds it was the premier hunting and fishing show in Michigan.  The last time I attended the show at the State Fairgrounds was probably one of the best ones I had ever been too.  I got to see “Da Yoopers” perform and I got the opportunity to get up and close to a Gray Wolf.  You have no idea how big a wolf is until he stands up on his hind legs and puts his front paws on your shoulders.

Now the show has the same name but is run by Show Span, the same group that runs The Ultimate Fishing Show.  The DWF has a booth at Outdoorama as well so I was once again helping out Friday night.  Things were kind of slow this year so I had more of an opportunity to check out some of the attractions.  One even I watched this year was Ultimate Air Dogs hosted by former Detroit Tiger pitcher Milt Wilcox.  This event is a competition for dogs to see how far they can jump into a pool.  All the dogs would run down a dock and then jump into the pool after their personal toy.  Some dogs could jump over 20 feet, others…..not so much.  One dog went charging down the dock only to put on the brakes as he hit the edge of the pool.  He had a little too much momentum and ended up sliding off the end and into the water.  I wash they would have had this when my lab Sherman was still around.  He would have loved the opportunity to show off.

Super Sherman

After that I went back to wandering around the showplace checking out all the vendors, outfitters, boats, products and anything else fishing and hunting related.  Of course I had to buy some more lures; I had to get my weekly fix in.  It’s just so hard for me to pass up an opportunity to buy custom painted Rapala’s for less money than a brand new factory one.

Weekly Fix

That was about it for this year.  I wanted to try and get back up there but other responsibilities kept me home.  It still helped to relieve a little cabin fever until Spring gets here.

Next Week…The Quiet Water Symposium



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