Midwest Fly Fishing Expo

11 03 2012

Last show. Just in time too because with the way the weather has been going I will be fishing on a regular basis starting next weekend.
I haven’t been to the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in almost 30 years. The last time my Dad and I went we were both in sticker shock at the prices for rods and reels. At the time I was in High School so I didn’t have a whole lot of money. I could not understand why anyone would want to pay over 1,000 dollars for a rod and 300 for a reel to catch a 10 inch Brook Trout. That was all I would catch on my streams near Calumet Michigan so I couldn’t understand the need for something that expensive. I was using my Dad’s Shakespeare Wonder Rod that he used as a kid and it worked just fine for me. Oh well….to each his own.
My Dad and I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived and we were very surprised to see how crowded it was. Wall to wall people from the newest beginner to the seasoned veteran. Rods, reels, waders, clothes, outfitters, clubs, supplies and fly tyer’s…..lots and lots of fly tyer’s. We started weaving our way through the crowds and checked things out. Still a little sticker shock but that was to be expected. Fly Fishing became somewhat of a status sport, kind of like pheasant hunting in England. You will get that in a lot of outdoor sports but it’s nothing that should interfere if you want to try it yourself. Just don’t get sucked in to the belief that you need the best of everything. There are no streams in Michigan like you will see in “A River Runs Through It.” I was there today to just poke around and to pick up a few fly tying supplies. I wanted to experiment with making my own foam flies so I needed to pick up some foam sheets. I found what I needed and spent the next hour checking out the different fly patterns that people were tying. Fly patterns have come a long way since I tied my first Adam’s. Some of them are more works of art then something to catch fish. I just wish I would have remembered to bring my camera.
The Michigan Fly Fishing Club does a really great job putting this show together. If you want to try fly fishing I would suggest going to this show when it comes around again. Lots of information for the beginner and for someone who has been at it awhile. They even had a few seminars and a casting pond to teach people how to fly cast. Just be patient and keep in mind what you hope to accomplish. If all you are going to do is cast for panfish on some pond you can go really basic. One hundred pound tarpon on the salt water flats……..that’s a different story.




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