3/24/12 Fishing Report

25 03 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 03/24/12 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Water Temp: 51 degrees
Water Clarity: Clear
Weather: Overcast
Wind: SW 5 mph
Water Depth: 12 feet
Presentation: Handlining, 40/20/6
Lures: #11 Chartreuse, #9 Hot Steel Rapala’s

Notes: What a difference from last year. A year ago I couldn’t even get out on the water because of all the ice. Now I’m afraid that I will be catching the fish that shall not be named before the month is over. People are catching spawned out females and soon the lilacs will be blooming. This warm up is nice but I’m afraid of what it might do for the summer fishing. Weeds and Algae blooms could be horrendous this year.

Have to remain optimistic though, I’m catching fish earlier than normal and I haven’t had any problems. Tonight’s catch came in the middle of the river between the Stacks and the busted up boat house. One on the kicker and the other two on my 40 foot lead. 20.5, 22 and 24 inches long for a combined weight 10 pound 4 ounces. The big one hit twice. I felt a hit and then the familiar head shake and then nothing. I quickly threw my line back and he hit it again. The second time around he was hooked up and a few seconds later in the boat. I love it when that little trick works.

I’ll be at it again later next week. My dad is coming down for a few days to go fishing. He retired and moved up north to Oscoda so he can go fishing all the time. Now the only time he goes walleye fishing is when he comes down to visit me.



One response

26 03 2012

Mark , good to see you out there the other night, glad you got on to a few. It took us a little while to find a few , but Larry got em started in a spot that we hadn’t thought about before.

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