Friday the 13th Walleye

14 04 2012

Who says Friday the 13th is bad luck? Well maybe it is if you are a walleye.

Went back down to the channel tonight for what I hoped would be a repeat of the night before. I took a friend of mine out Thursday night (4/12) and we picked up a quick 2 man limit in just over an hour. Tonight I was taking out a fellow kayaker who has never been handlining before. I talked a good game and told Brandon that all he needed to bring was some warm clothes and a cooler for the fish. The pressure was on.

We hit the water around 7:30 and after some quick instructions Brandon was set and fishing. It wasn’t long and we had our first fish of the night, a nice 23 inch male. He was kind of unique, his right eye was missing. Apparently it never slowed him down, he was nice and fat. Fishing was kind of slow for awhile until after sundown and things started to pick up. We ended up with a 2 man limit of 10 fish and we threw back two  borderline legal fish. Brandon was able to catch his first walleye pulling wire and I think he is hooked. He told me about an article he read in the newspaper about how the author claimed handlining was a dying method of fishing. After seeing the 30+ boats out handlining last night he is convinced the author doesn’t know what he was talking about.

Learned a valuable lesson Thursday night.  While we were fishing Richard got hung up and lost both Rapalas.  When he pulled in the leader it looked like it broke at the knot.  He tied on a new crankbait snap and went back to fishing.  He didn’t catch a single fish for the rest of the night.  Turns out the line must have been nicked because it broke about 10 feet up. Of course I didn’t figure this out until later but it explains what happened.  The leader was too short and therefore he was running the lure too far up from the bottom.  Lesson learned, check leader lengths if one breaks.

Final tally for 2 evenings of fishing, 20 kept, 2 released for a total combined weight of 55 pounds and 3 ounces.  My hands are trashed.

Here’s a few pictures from 4/12 and 4/13.  The pictures of Richard, myself and the sunset are from the 12th.  The last pick is my 5 from the 13th.  I sent Brandon home with 5.  He had some explaining to do to his girlfriend, she had a hard time believing that he was out fishing so late at night.



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