Weeds, Bugs, White Bass and Walleye

29 05 2012

Location: Trenton Channel
Date/Time: 05/28/12 9:45 pm to 11:00 pm
Water Temp: 67 degrees
Water Clarity: Don’t know….it was dark out
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Wind: SW 5 to 10 mph
Water Depth: 13 feet
Presentation: Handlining 40/20
Lures: #11 Bleeding Chartreuse

It had been almost a month since the last time I pulled wire. The worst White Bass invasion I can remember has done a good job of keeping me off the water. All I have been hearing is fishermen catching more white bass than anything else. Even out in Lake Erie people are reporting that you need to take twice as many crawlers as necessary because of all the white bass and white perch. I figured I would give it a shot tonight and see what happens. I purposely waited until after dark hoping that would keep the undesirables at bay. It helped but the white bass were still around. I was catching most of them on my kicker with a #9 Rap so after the 6th one the kicker got chucked into the bucket. That slowed down my white bass catch but tonight I had other problems to deal with. Tonight it was weeds, bugs and eventually lightning that made my night a challenge.

When I first started out there wasn’t much of a breeze. This was welcome since I had been watching SW winds over 20 mph all day long. Since there was no breeze this kept the bugs all around my stern light. Eventually a breeze did pick up and it kept the bugs at bay. I wish the breeze would have pushed the weeds out as well. The floating weeds kept me working to clear lines more than I was fishing. I should have known this would be a problem with all the holiday weekend boat traffic. I decided to tough it out for a while anyways. I had the next morning off so I could stay out as long as I wanted. Mother Nature had other ideas though. Shortly after I picked up my first walleye the lightning started to fire up off to the west. A quick check of the radar on my I Phone and I could see storms developing from Monroe all the way up to Detroit. Time to get off the water since aluminum boats and lightning don’t mix.

I did manage to pick up one walleye and it is evident that the white bass are starting to thin out. Temps are supposed to drop back down into the 60’s by the weekend so that should keep the weekend boaters off the water. I will give it another try then.

Only walleye of the night. I doubt I was going to lose him, all 3 hooks in the mouth and he hit it sideways.



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