Father’s Day Walleye 2012

18 06 2012

Decided to make a quick trip down to the river tonight. I only planned on fishing for a couple of hours and I didn’t even get down to the ramp until 8 o’clock. I figured what was the rush? The last few trips all my fish have been caught after 9:00 pm anyways. As is usually the case things change. I set lines at 8:15 and once the weight hit the bottom, WHAM….fish on. That usually doesn’t happen for me but it sure is nice when it does. I continued fishing and picked up 3 more walleye in the next 45 minutes or so. I was thinking this was going to be a quick night but around 9:00 pm the SW died done to nothing and so did the fish, not even a smallmouth or silver bass. I don’t have a scientific reason as to why something like this would affect the fish but it does. I had caught all my fish traveling west to east so as near as I can figure that wind blowing at my back affected my speed. I tried to vary my speed to trigger a strike but to no avail. Shortly after 9:30 pm I hooked into a small walleye that I released for me to catch another day. After that I decided to pull lines and just head in. I had to work in the morning and I already had 4 fish to clean. I’ll take 4 keepers over 90 minutes of fishing any day.

Couple of interesting items about tonight. The first was that the Silver Bass are still in the area but they weren’t hitting my Spikes Spoons. On several different occasions I got caught in the middle of a feeding frenzy between the bass and the gulls. The gulls were picking away at the minnows on the surface and the bass were pushing them up from the bottom. I could see the silver bass rolling on the surface and for some reason they left my spoons alone. Thank God.

Another thing was I caught several 3 inch smallmouth bass and two of the walleye I caught had some in their stomachs. Catching them this small isn’t anything unusual but for this time of the year it is. Normally I don’t catch bass this size until late August or early September. Near as I can figure the bass had a really early spawn or these are hold overs from last year that didn’t grow very well.

The last little tidbit (and I am probably going to jinx myself for saying this) is that this makes 4 trips now without losing a single walleye or lure. Now that I have said this I am going to lose half a dozen fish and a whole rig the next time I’m out. It’s still a nice little streak to have right now, considering how notorious the area I fish is for claiming equipment.

The Green/Silver spoon with the pink dot is a new one I have never tried before.  It accounted for the 3 bigger fish tonight.  I’ll have to go dig through my storage box to see if I have anymore.  Once this gets out I’m sure some of my friends are going to want one.  Last year I was tearing up the fish on a pink and black spoon I found somewhere.  Several of my friends had their eye on it and I had to guard it continuously.



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