Quick Trip 6/23/12

24 06 2012

After going to see “Brave” and a quick dinner at Manuel’s Taco Hut with Kelly and our kids my Dad and I made a quick trip to the river. We didn’t even get on the water until after 9. Normally this is no big deal but with the cloud cover it was going to get dark early. I could already tell that the weeds were going to be a problem tonight so I knew it was going to be a quick trip. I saw fellow DWF member Larry Elkins out there and he already had 4 and released 4. That was a good sign so we quickly set lines. We managed to pick up 5 and release 1 in about 90 minutes of fishing. Four of the fish were 20+inches. Around 10:30 my Dad said the weeds were too much and he wanted to go in. I can’t say that I blame him. There were some big patches coming downstream and it was only a matter of time before a patch tangled up all the lines. There was a lot of pleasure boat traffic today so I’m sure that got all the weeds moving. Hopefully I will get some west winds before Tuesday and the rive will clear up some by then.

No pictures tonight. I was in a hurry to get the fish cleaned and into bed. Besides, the lure that caught the biggest and most fish is now part of the structure at the bottom of the Detroit River. I told you I was going to lose that black and orange spoon. If my Dad had said lets go in 5 minutes sooner I would still have it. Oh well…..



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