Quick Trip Walleye

15 07 2012

Weekends are meant for sleeping in, one of these days I will do just that. I woke up this morning at 4:30 am and lay in bed hoping to fall back asleep. Around 5:30 I gave up and decided to hook up the boat and head out for a few hours. Originally I didn’t plan on going fishing this weekend. The Gold Cup races were going on upstream and the FLW was in town. That meant a lot of boat traffic, a lot of floating weeds and a lot of Smallmouth Bass. I figured I would be out early enough to avoid the boat traffic but the weeds and Bass were debatable.

I arrived at Laker Erie Metro Park around 6:30 am and quickly got the boat launched. The shallow areas were thick with weeds but the channel was clear. I slowly made my way out and then north up the river to the Catamaran. As expected the water is still very clear but the skies were overcast, I hoped it would last. It didn’t take long after setting my lines and I had my first fish on, another channel cat. I have never caught channel cats down here before and now I have two in the last few weeks. I released him and as I was getting my lures back down I picked up what was to be the first of many Smallmouth Bass. With the FLW holding their tournament at Elizabeth Park most of the Bass caught and released after weigh in hang out in the channel before heading back out into Lake Erie. He was a chunky 16.5 inch fish and was soon followed up by another chunky 16 inch fish. Eventually I hooked into a walleye but I lost him at the side of the boat. He was barely hooked and I knew he was going to come off before I even got him close. A few minutes later I had another walleye on, this one I got in but he was a sub legal fish so back into the river he went. About 10 minutes passed before I hooked into another walleye. This one turned out to be a 22 inch 3 pound male. Shortly after I put him in the cooler the clouds started to break and out came the sun. So much for my overcast skies. Once the sun broke through the fishing slowed down drastically. I would pick up a few undersized Smallmouths here and there but nothing to get excited about.

Around 8:30 a fellow club member pulled out from the discharge area and came over to see how I was doing. As he pulled up I hooked into another fish, another Smallmouth and my biggest one for the day. I told Larry the area was full of them and that I hadn’t caught a walleye in the last hour. He pointed his boat north and headed up to Wyandotte. A mutual friend had told him he was doing pretty well up there and decided to give it a shot. After Larry left and I released the fish I headed downstream to try some deeper water for a bit. All I caught were more Smallmouth Bass so I decided to pack it in. I had things to do and it was starting to get hot. Besides, the bigger pleasure boats would be pulling out and starting upstream to watch the race. I had fish for dinner tonight and that was all I really wanted. There will be other days, I’ll just wait until the evenings.



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