Quick Report 8/2/12 Walleye

3 08 2012

Well I got my boat back so of course I had to test it out. The mechanic replaced the switchbox and some bad wiring. I was a little pessimistic but I hoped this was going to cure all my problems. It did. Once I got to my starting point the engine idled down beautifully. Look out walleye, I’m back!  It’s great to have friends that will take you out on their boat but there is nothing like fishing on your own. 

Fishing was a little slow at first, unless of course I wanted Smallmouth Bass. Those things have really been a nuisance this year. First one was a small 8 incher but it was soon followed up by a feisty 16 inch fish. A little while later I got my first walleye on an orange and copper stinger spoon. While I was brining him in a 17 ½ Smallmouth grabbed one of my other lines. What a mess. Normally I would have got the walleye in first but I had to get the bass in before he tangled up all my lines. I managed to get the bass in and released and then the walleye into the cooler. I caught a few more undersized bass and another 17 inch bass in the next 20 minutes or so. I decided to switch things up a bit to see if I could eliminate my bass problem and put some walleye in the cooler. I removed 2 spoons and replaced them with a #11 GFR and a #9 Copper Crazy Tiger Rapala. That did the trick, no more bass, only walleye. I quickly picked up a 22 inch male on the #11 GFR. While I was talking to my friend Richard along side my boat I had a double and was able to land both of them. Around 9:45 I hooked into another one on the #9 Copper Crazy Tiger Rapala. I ended up losing him but it was no big deal. Richard called me to say he was headed in because the bugs were really bad. He also had one walleye and he asked if I wanted it. That would make 5 for me so I headed in as well.

Back at the ramp I talked to Richard for a bit. We discussed the best way to replace my bow lights. Homeland Security pulled up along side of me to tell me they couldn’t see my lights and that I should get it fixed. I had a Coast Guard inspection certificate that said everything on my boat was fine but I wasn’t about to argue with them about it. I’ll just get a short mast for the bow lights.

So the engine is running good and the walleye are still around. Life is Good. It’s gonna get even better, after work I’m headed to Eireau Ontario for some Steelhead and Walleye fishing this weekend. More on that to follow.



3 responses

3 08 2012

Good to hear the boat is sea worthy again. I enjoy reading all your writings (and maybe pick up on a tip or 2) and see how the fishing is doing on the days I’m not out. Keep up the good work!

5 08 2012

Glad to hear your rig is back in order, look forward to seeing you on the water again.

5 08 2012

Thanks guys. I hope to get out again real soon. Need to make some adjustments to my navigation lights. Apparently Homeland Security doesn’t approve of my set-up.

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