8/11/12 TC Walleye

12 08 2012

It had been over a week since I was last on the Channel so I was due for another visit. I was supposed to take someone out Friday night but the threat of rain kept us home. It never rained at my house but according to reports it dumped down in Trenton. It had rained all day Thursday as well. We really needed an all-day rain but now I was concerned as to what it would do to the river. I expected levels to be up and lots of floating weed mats coming downstream. Much to my surprise neither had happened, as a matter of fact there were hardly any floating weeds at all.

I hit the water just before 8:00 pm and set up next to the catamaran. I started off with spoons on all my leads, Riley Special, Flying Tiger and a Copper/Florescent Orange Spoon. A few minutes in and I hooked into a 12 inch smallmouth bass. No big deal but he was a precursor of things to come. Turns out I was going to be plagued by these fish all night long. I caught a half dozen more about this size before I ever caught my first walleye and that fish I had to throw back. Eventually I did pick up a keeper on the flying tiger spoon but he was barely legal. I thought about tossing him back but the way things were going I thought it might be a lean night. Turned out to be a painful night as well. Shortly after throwing back yet another 12 inch smallie I landed a 16 ½ bass. As I was trying to take the hook out he jumped some and stuck the barb into my finger, right along the edge of the nail. The hook also split the nail. After I got him back in the water I did a little first aid on my finger and was back to fishing. It was now about 9:00 pm and I had just swapped out 2 spoons for a #11 Bleeding Chartreuse Rap and a custom painted #9 that was green with black dots. For the next half hour all hell was about to break loose. First up was a 20 inch Smallmouth that made a mess of things. He was followed up by a 17 inch fish who didn’t want to cooperate either. This turned out to be a double, he was pulling so much on one of my leaders I didn’t even realize I had a walleye on another leader until I released the bass. This fire drill went on for the next 20 minutes where I landed 2 walleye, 3 smallmouth and 2 Spotless Freshwater Redfish. I also hooked into two fish that I never saw. They were big fish and I couldn’t get them to the boat. One kept pulling the wire and line through my hands. After a minute or two the hooks came free and that was the end of it.

I needed to take a break and re-organize so I pulled lines, checked hooks and re-positioned myself downstream a bit. My friend Dan had been texting me most of the night to get a fishing report so I gave him an update. He was coming out after work with another friend of mine so they wanted up to date info on conditions and action. It was nearing 10:00 pm and the smallmouth action had finally started to slow down. I had 3 walleye in the cooler and 1 throwback so far. I had intended to stay out until Dan and Richard showed up so I kept at it. By 11:00 pm I had added two more to the cooler and two more throwbacks. Dan had texted me that he was back at the ramp and waiting on Richard so I putt putted around for a few more minutes before I pulled lines and headed in. I had my 5, more smallmouth than I cared to deal with and a very sore left trigger finger.


Back at the ramp I shared my information with the two of them. Surface temp was 74.2 degrees (a drop of 6 degrees from my last trip a week ago) and the water was very clear. Most of my walleye came on the Rapala’s (I swapped out a CCT at one point when I busted the lip on the other custom). Very few floating weeds and just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away. Final total was 5 walleye kept and 3 released, 15 Smallmouth (all Released), 4 Spotless Freshwater Redfish and one sore finger. Not a bad night.

Side Note: I picked up a ram mount for my digital camera so that I could take photos in the boat of all the Smallmouth Bass I release.  Unfortunately I broke my camera in Erieau.



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13 08 2012
Dave Fitch

Mark , never put on a Riley’s this morning. Purpledscent #9 on kicker and a gold fleck flying tiger did the rest of the damage. We had another orangish spoon in the middle and changed it out . Never caught one on the 20′. Thanks for all your updates .

13 08 2012

Your Welcome. I like being able to help out other fishermen catch walleye in the river. It’s not just a spring run thing.

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