8/14/12 Walleye with a new student

15 08 2012

Back at the Golden Bucket Tournament a new DWF member approached me about learning how to hand line. Mark Payne is retired and just starting to learn how to catch walleye. He had been out jigging but he really wanted to see what pulling wire was all about. He bought all the stuff to do it but he still needed someone to show him how to use it. Apparently a few people had promised to take him out but never followed through. I can understand him being pessimistic when I told him I would. After one rain out the weather turned and we made plans to meet at my house at 7:00 pm. He must have been excited to go, he arrived at 6:30 pm.

Before we launched the boat I gave him some quick instructions on how everything will work. I set up his reel on the boat, gave him one of my shanks and one spool with a 30 and 15 foot leader. We launched the boat and headed to my usual starting point. The water was still clear but there were a few more weeds floating on the surface then the last time I was out. After some more instruction on how to set lines Mark was soon fishing. Now all we needed was some cooperative fish. It didn’t take long and Mark was yelling out that he had a fish. Turned out to be a small mouth but it was his first and he was happy. About 20 minutes alter he followed it up with his first walleye pulling wire, on the infamous Flying Tiger spoon. He ended up catching one more on the same spoon a little later on. I think he may be headed to the local tackle shop to pick up some of those spoons for himself. I ended up with a few fish myself before we wrapped things up. The weeds were a problem as it got darker. It seemed like we were clearing lines every 5 minutes. Makes it hard to catch fish when conditions are like that. The main thing was that Mark learned a few things and he got to take home some fresh fish for dinner. He was happy and that’s all that mattered.

No pictures tonight. I sent the fish home with Mark but I can say they were all caught on a Flying Tiger spoon and my favorite custom painted Rapala….Copper Crazy Tiger.



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16 08 2012

Met Mr. Payne at one of the DWF meeting, nice person to talk to. Glad he had one of the best to show him how to get into handlining. Poor guy know what he got himself into now. I better get to Andy’s before he buys the place out of them spoons LOL

16 08 2012

Yea he is a nice guy. I already warned him though that Andy’s is pretty much out of Flying Tiger spoons. I think he was going to make a run to either Bottomline or Lakeside. I may have to get a hold of Dan and take a drive right to the source.

18 08 2012
Dave Fitch

Mark , I would be interested in going to the “source” sometime as well . If you would be so kind. Thanks . Glad to see your reports again. Got busy around the house lately and alot of fish in the freezer has made “getting permission” to get out rather difficult.

18 08 2012

Not a problem. My freezer is full as well, thinking about having a fish fry just to thin it out some.

21 08 2012
steve schoonover

you guys are makeing me jeoulous, but im getting back out this coming weekend, not sure if friday night or saturday morning, hope to see a couple of ya out there

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