Weeds, weeds and more weeds. 8/21/12 Trenton Channel

22 08 2012

I was out tonight with a person I met through the Michigan-Sportsman website. Tom usually jigs or runs bottom bouncers in the same area I pull wire. He expressed an interest in learning how to catch fish my way so I agreed to take him out. Since he lives in the “Level Pebble” we made arrangements to meet at the launch. I arrived a little after 7:00 pm and found that half the launch area was blocked off for the FLW. I guess next week I will be catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass. Oh Joy!!

Tom arrived a little later and after a brief chat with him and a few of my friends that were also heading out we launched the boat. We set up in my usual starting point and dropped lines after a brief explanation of how this all works. It didn’t take long and I caught my first walleye of the night on my good old Riley Special spoon. Fishing slowed a little after that with only the occasional Smallmouth Bass being caught. Tom was able to hook into a couple of smaller Smallmouth’s as well but still no walleye. As the evening progressed the floating weeds slowly began to increase in number and size. When we first started out they were staying on the west side of the river but they were appearing in the middle and the east side as well. Once it got dark they became downright unbearable. It seemed like we were clearing lines every 5 minutes. This gave Tom a lot of practice in leader management but he wanted to get that experience bringing in fish. I managed to catch a few more walleye and ended the night with a double, unfortunately Tom didn’t catch anything. It happens and the weeds didn’t help his chances of success any. This was the worst the weeds have been all year. I don’t know what triggered it but it wasn’t welcome. As we were getting ready to leave we pulled up along side my friend Dan and he only had one fish and was debating quitting as well. I must have made up his mind for him because once I said we were heading in he started to pull lines as well.

After we pulled the boat Tom, Dan and I stood around at the ramp for awhile and just talked about fishing in general. I’m sure we could have stood there and talked for hours but it was getting late and I had to work in the morning. Tom had to get going as well since he promised to take his wife out bass fishing at a local inland lake in the morning. I told him that if he wants to go again just give me a call. Hopefully the weeds won’t be as bad and I can get him into some fish.

No pictures again tonight. I gave the walleye to Dan and in turn he promised to give me some geese when the season opens on Sept. 1st. They were caught on a #9 CCT Rapala and a Riley Special spoon. I did get a new digital camera so I should have pictures from the next trip.



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22 08 2012

Weeds were brutal out there. We found a couple of pockets that were “relatively” weed free. and that’s where we pounded. Mostly just south of the Blue Boat house. Lost one early with a rock bass and a smallie . Had a double around 1am and 1 about 15 minutes after and that was about all I could stand. I did finally get my daughter out there, but maybe next time there will be a little more action. Fun night with her other than that though.

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