Endeavor to Persevere 9/5/12

6 09 2012

Or however Chief Dan George said it.


After last Saturday’s debacle I was determined to make amends. After a quick check of my boat for banana’s and crickets I was on my way. Even after the rain we received the last few days the water was still clear, probably about 3-4 feet of visibility. I set up north of Calf Island and put out 3 custom painted downriver tackle Raps in size 9 and 7. It wasn’t long and I had my first dinky Smallmouth Bass on for the night. I hoped this wasn’t going to be a repeat of Saturday as I released him and went back to fishing. About 5 minutes later I caught my first walleye on a #7 CCT on my 20 foot lead. This turned out to be the hot combination for the night, accounting for 3 walleye and most of the bass. I spun around and made another pass through that spot but didn’t catch another fish. I continued north weaving east and west until I hit the Catamaran. By now the clouds were starting to break and the setting sun was peaking through the clouds. The breeze was letting up and the bugs were just starting to come out. Conditions were darn near perfect when I first started but they were slowly deteriorating as darkness set in. Chief Dan George saying “Endeavor to Persevere” kept going through my mind as I methodically worked the river over. I began to pick away at my 5 fish limit even though the bugs were biting and the floating weeds were getting thicker. By now it was 8:30 pm and I didn’t know how much more I could take. The bugs were getting thick and the weed mats were getting larger. I told myself I would quit at 9, 5 fish or not. Fortunately for me at 8:45 I caught number 5 on my kicker and the Downriver Steel Rap. Good thing too because my GPS shut down as did my depth finder. I started to check connections but I noticed that my navigation lights were very dim. Guess I need to charge up the battery.

Final tally for the night was 5 eaters between 15 and 18 inches. Conditions were overcast with a South wind at first but as usual it all changed once I started fishing. The wind disappeared and the clouds gave way to clearer skies. The floating weeds were intermittent at first and then very thick. It was like someone dumped a bunch of them into the river further upstream. Surface temps were around 75 degrees. The water should start to cool off with the evening temps dropping down into the 50’s the next few nights. Not as many Smallmouth Bass tonight and they were all undersized. None of the 3 inchers though. Won’t be long and the shad will start to move in and hopefully the big boys will be right behind them.

T to B, Rainbow Trout, Copper Crazy Tiger, Downriver Steel. All by Downrivertackle.com



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