9/16/12 Quick Trip Walleye

17 09 2012

My Dad was down for a few days so we decided to make a quick trip and see if we couldn’t catch a few walleye. Well that’s just what we did, catch a few walleye, 4 to be exact. Weeds were a nightmare once again. Once it got dark it became nearly impossible to get clean lures down to the bottom. For awhile every time I tried to set lines one of them would get fouled with weeds. On two different occasions all of our lines got tangled because of the huge batches of weeds we would snag. We did manage to each catch 2 but those fish were a lot of work. Mine came on a #9 Blue Holographic Rapala and my dad caught both of his on a blue and silver Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue. One of them tangled up all our lines as he was bringing it in. The front hooks on the lure were in the jaw but the back hook caught the fish near the pectoral fins. This caused the fish to spin like a windmill as he was bringing it in. As the fish was spinning it caught all 5 lines. What a mess. After two hours of lures spending more time out of the water than in I called it quits.

Other than the weeds the conditions were favorable. Water was clear with a surface temp of 69 degrees. There was a 5 mph Southerly breeze, clouds were overcast and no bugs. One of these days I am going to get an evening where everything is perfect.

On a side note I received a phone call from one of the teachers at my kid’s school. He was wondering if I knew of any local fishermen who would donate walleye to families in need who have students attending the school. I told him I could donate and that I might be able to arrange a little mini tournament and have the fish cleaned and donated. I told him I would just need help cleaning and storing the fish until he can distribute it. Hopefully this can happen.



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17 09 2012

Let me know if you need more fish to donate. I just so happen to have 6 baggies you can have, each one can feed 2 or 3 people. We need to setup a handline get together and donate even more.

17 09 2012

Thanks….that was what I was thinking. Having the mini-tournament then clenaing all the fish afterwards for donation. Just need to figure out where to clean the fish and dispose of the waste.

19 09 2012
steve schoonover

let me know when and i will make a point to be there. i cant gaurantee boating any eyes though

19 09 2012

I’m thinking mid-October on a Saturday morning. Have to check with a few people first about logistics.

20 09 2012
Dave Fitch

Umm , count me in.

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