No Walleye 9/30/12

1 10 2012

Well since duck hunting went so well I thought I would try my luck with the walleye. My friend Dan wanted to go as well so by 6:30 pm we were in my boat and headed down the river. The water was still clear and there were some weeds. We started out just north of Calf Island in about 15 feet of water. We put out a combination of Rapala’s and spoons. Normally I run size #11 Rap’s this time of year but the launch ramp was full of shiners so I went with the smaller sizes and spoons. Turns out it wasn’t going to matter. The only thing we caught for the night was one 4 inch Smallmouth. Once it got dark I switched over to #11 Rap’s and Dan was pulling Pencil Plugs. Didn’t matter….still no fish. Shortly after 9:00 pm I got hung up and my shank busted just above my 2nd clevice. I pulled in my remaining lead and tossed it all in the bucket. I let Dan fish for a little while longer but it really didn’t matter.


I really can’t figure out where the fish went. Normally on a clear full moon night I do pretty good. These last few trips really have me second guessing. I can’t believe the fish have left but I haven’t been catching any Smallmouth either. That has me thinking that the forage fish have left and the predators right along with them. I’ll figure it out eventually, maybe I’ll try perch fishing next weekend.



2 responses

1 10 2012

Same deal the last time I tried the channel, where do they go? Fishing has really been tough between all the weeds and nothing biting.

2 10 2012

I don’t think it’s so much of where did they go but nothing new has moved in. When you think about it we have taken a lot of fish out of there since June. Eventually more fish have to move in to replenish what has been taken. Now the reasons why nothing has come in could be many. Algae Blooms, bait fish, time of year, price of tea in china………

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