The Fall Bite

8 10 2012

A lot of walleye fishermen can’t wait for the Spring run to start.  They count the days until ice out and then attack the water in earnest.  I’ll admit that I am just as eager for the fishing to start but the Fall is my favorite time.  There is just something about being out on the river during this time of year.  The trees are changing color, the air is cooler and night time comes sooner.  No more bugs, pleasure boats or jet ski’s….just me and the fish.


On this night my friend Chris came along for the ride.  We started just north of Calf Island right around 6:00 pm.  The surface temp on the water was just over 59 degrees and the water was still very clear.  All the west winds kept the floating weeds on the Canadian side of the river.  We picked our lures and started fishing.  It didn’t take long and I caught another one of those dinky little Smallmouth bass.  I was hoping those things had left the river but no such luck.  We continued trolling  up towards the Catamaran when I had my first walleye hit.  He smacked the lure like a freight train and headed to the port side of the boat.  I carefully brought him in and flipped him over the stern of the boat.  My first walleye in over 2 weeks and it was a 23 1/2 inch 4 pound male.  Not a bad way to start.  I picked up another one about 20 minutes alter and lost another as he was getting close to the boat.  Just before I was going to flip him in he swung over behind the boat and crashed right into my prop.   Up came the lure and back to the bottom went the fish.  By now the sun had set and we were making our way over to the stacks.  About mid river Chris hooked into what would turn out to be our biggest fish of the night, a 26 1/2 inch 5 1/2 pound female.  This fish was barely hooked so I didn’t take any chances and netted her.  This was Chris’s biggest walleye handlining and she filled the cooler up nicely.  A little while after that I landed my 3rd fish and it also turned out to be our last.  We fished for a little while longer and pulled lines around 8:30 pm.  We both had to work in the morning and there were fish to clean.  Final tally was 4 walleye that totaled 16 pounds and 2 ounces.  One came on a #11 GFR Rapala and the other on a #7 Bleeding Olive Rapala.  Not bad for a couple of hours and it should only get better as the water temps drop even more.




2 responses

10 10 2012

Mark, I love the Kamikaze Walleye story. I have had a few of those this year. You guys had some nice fish the other night. Mine wound up just being good eaters with a real nice one lost boatside. Nothing in the box over 17″ for me. See you on the river.

10 10 2012

None of the fish wanted to cooperate that night. If they didn’t come straight up the back into the prop wash they were headed to the opposite side of the boat. I was surprised I only lost the one.

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