Wind from the West, Fish Bite Best.

21 10 2012

Don’t know how much truth there is with that saying but I’m not going to argue with the results.  I can understand the other part about fish biting least with wind from the east.  Any East wind out of Lake Erie results in too many waves to even think about getting out.  On the river though that is a different story, any wind from the south and the fish bite least.  This had been the case most of the week, south winds and rain.  About the only day worth going out was last Tuesday and I had other obligations.  Once I heard the front that had been causing problems the last few days was moving out I made plans.

I was heading out solo tonight.  My Dad had come down for the Backyard Brawl (Since I went to Eastern I call it the I don’t give a crap Bowl) and he was still at the game.  I arrived at Elizabeth Park just before 6 and I still can’t get over how low the water is.

This breakwall was underwater in the Spring

I headed down to the North end of Calf Island and set up.  I was about 5 minutes into my first pass when I hooked into my first fish, a 19 1/2 inch male on a #11 GFR.  I kept working my way upstream and eventually picked up another nice eater on a #9 Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala.  Shortly after landing that fish Leo and Tom were pulling up in Leo’s boat to see how I was doing.  After a brief talk they continued farther downstream to set up.  Once I got up near the Catamaran I hooked into a bigger fish.  I could tell this one was on my kicker and after a lot of head shakes I was able to bring him to the surface.  Once he was near the boat I could see he was barely hooked and as I went for the net he was gone.  It was probably a 4 to 5 pounder and he bent 3 hooks on a #7 Bleeding Olive Rapala.  Oh well, I got over it about 10 minutes later when I hooked another one on the GFR and this one came into the boat.  Some people replace the hooks on their Rapala’s with bigger and stronger hooks (Like the Mustad Triple Grip) but I choose to keep on the factory originals.  I may lose fish because the hooks bend but when I get hung up those same hooks bend out and I can get the lure back.  At 8 or 9 bucks a piece I’ll take a few lost fish over a lost lure.  Being an accountant I get more aggravated over losing lures than I do losing fish.

By now it was getting close to 8:00 pm and the wind was starting to shift a little from the west to the south west.  It was still below 10 mph so it was no big deal.  The clouds were starting to break up some as well and a sliver of a moon was starting to peak through.  I continued heading towards the stacks and as I reached the opening of the discharge lane I hooked into #4 on the Bleeding Copper Flash.  I made the loop around to try and go through the same area again but another boat that was long lining was trolling right through the area.  I stayed out of their way and pulled lines to make another pass.  It didn’t take long, about 2 minutes later #5 was on and a few second later he was in the boat.  I put everything away and made a run to find Leo and Tom to see how they were doing.  They didn’t have any fish yet so I told them where I picked mine and what I got them on.  After that I headed for the ramp.

Conditions tonight were just about ideal.  Wind out of the west and overcast clouds.  Surface temp on the water was just over 53 degrees with a little bit of a stain to it.  I could still see the prop but the water wasn’t as clear as it has been the last few weeks.  The west wind kept all the surface weeds on the other side of the river so the only weeds I had to deal with were the ones on the bottom.  My Dad decided to stick around for another day so he can get in on this as well.  Got to take advantage of the fishing when the weather cooperates.  This time of year it can fall apart really quick.



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