Stonefly search follow up

11 02 2013

I just received an e-mail from the HRWC detailing the results of the Stonefly search I took part in a few weeks back.  The HRWC has been taking samples from the Flat Rock section of the Huron River since 2001 and the newbies must have been good luck because we collected a family group that had never been there before.  Perlodids were the new species collected along with 2 others that are normally there.  I couldn’t tell one bug from the other but apparently this increased diversity means greater stream health.

The 3 types we found circled in red

The 3 types we found circled in red


They also took the water samples we collected at each site for analysis.  I really don’t understand the scientific meaning of it all but the one thing I did understand was the effect of the low water levels.  A lot of the smaller streams had little or no flow during the summer months.  I’m sure this had some bearing on different chemical levels.  No rain, no fertilizer draining off the fields into the streams.  I know the lack of rain was the main cause for the algae blooms not being as drastic in Lake Erie as in years past.


If anyone wants to read all the data and see the results from all the sample sites just click on the link below.  If you are really interested, volunteer to help out at the next critter search.




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