How much is too much?

24 02 2013

This weekend I pulled out all my lure boxes.  Why I have no idea but for some strange reason I felt the need to see just how many lures I really had.  For the first time in my life I think I may actually have enough.

The scary thing is that I See empty spots that need more lures.

The scary thing is that I See empty spots that need more lures.

Now some may think that this is a little excessive.  To others, this is nothing.  I know some people that have 5 of each color of each size.  Whatever floats your boat.  It took many years of poking through bargain bins at tackle shops and tackle boxes at lure shows.  I don’t even want to think of what the total cost of all of these would be if I paid full price for them.

The really scary thing is that this is just the body baits.  I have 3 times as many spoons.  Fortunately they don’t take up as much room.



5 responses

25 02 2013

Oh my Lord, I thought I owned a lot of lures!

25 02 2013
Dave Fitch

that is not right.

25 02 2013

And I have more customs on the way. I need help.

27 02 2013

Not a bad bunch of lures at all, and here the wife thought I had a problem collecting lures. Now I can show what insane is all about. Thanks Mark!

27 02 2013
Mark Schaller

Don’t do that. If she sees what you potentially could become she will never let you fish again.

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