It’s Time…..

31 03 2013

Well another season is upon us.  While everyone else was out participating in Easter Egg hunts I spent a few hours this afternoon finishing up the boat.  Trailer lights, greased hubs, checked lower unit oil, fresh gas, started the engine, reels in place and lures stored away.  I even got my “Meat” stick ready with a jig, Wyandotte worm and stinger.  Now all I need is for the water to warm up a few more degrees and then the all out assault on the walleye population will begin.

See you on the water.

All rigged up and ready to go.

All rigged up and ready to go.

The Results are in…..Again.

14 03 2013

Well I just got my 2012 log books back from the DNR.  I was curious to see how 2012 compared to 2011 and I was surprised.  I caught more fish in 2012 but the average length and weight was exactly the same as the previous year.  Yep, average length of 19.5 inches and an average weight of 2.5 pounds.  How that happened I have no idea.  I caught more under sized fish but that would mean I had to catch more larger fish to keep that average.  Either that or something is wrong with the DNR survey program.  I suppose I could add up the weights and lengths myself but I deal with enough numbers every day as it is.  I’ll just accept it and fill out another book for 2013.  Maybe I won’t count the smaller ones and skew my numbers towards the right.  Just like a guy, always trying to make things seem bigger.

I really do have to wonder why they said I kept 126 White Bass and released 17?  I never kept track of how many I caught, all I said in the book was why don’t they increase the daily possession limit.  If anything the numbers should be reversed, I kept 17 and released 126.

I still can’t believe I caught 136 Smallmouth Bass either.  I catch a few every summer but I never realized it was that many.

Oh well….here’s to 2013.  This year I have scale sample envelopes to fill so I will get an idea of how old the fish are I am catching.  That should prove interesting.