It’s Time…..

31 03 2013

Well another season is upon us.  While everyone else was out participating in Easter Egg hunts I spent a few hours this afternoon finishing up the boat.  Trailer lights, greased hubs, checked lower unit oil, fresh gas, started the engine, reels in place and lures stored away.  I even got my “Meat” stick ready with a jig, Wyandotte worm and stinger.  Now all I need is for the water to warm up a few more degrees and then the all out assault on the walleye population will begin.

See you on the water.

All rigged up and ready to go.

All rigged up and ready to go.




4 responses

31 03 2013

Mark you beat me to the punch. I’m taking the cover off tomorrow and start my pre season check. Have a few things to do, maybe the week of the 8th for me to hit the water. Good luck this year and maybe save me a seat in the blue boat for a night.

31 03 2013

Sounds good. Might try one night this week but next week for sure. Week nights only for now. Gonna be too crowded on the weekends for a bit.

1 04 2013
Dave Fitch

Good to see you got the rig ready. Put the new fishfinder on mine over the weekend. Greased the hubs and did the other checking as well. Only thing to do is start it up. Long time coming for sure,See you guys on the water.

1 04 2013

Yep, see you out there. Hopefully soon.

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