Pre, During but no Post tournament fishing

27 04 2013

Once again it was time for the yearly DWF Handlining tournament.  Last year the weather was warmer, the water was clearer and the White Bass numbered in the millions.  This year none of that applied.  It was cold, the water was dirty and the White Bass were in the hundreds.  I think the walleye were in fewer numbers than the bass.  For most it was a tough night.

My Dad came down a day early so we could fish some before the tournament.  We headed out Thursday night and hit the water around 6:30 pm.  My Dad hooked into his first fish of the night in the first 5 minutes and followed that up shortly afterwards with another one.  While I was helping him get that one netted I forgot about my lines and they got tangled up in the prop.  About 20 minutes later all was good and we were back to fishing.  We fished for about another hour and picked up a few more walleye.  Unfortunately we also caught a few White Bass.  This made no sense to me.  The water is around 46 degrees and yet they are here.  They have arrived earlier than last year and it was also warmer last year.  I just don’t get it. I’m still praying that the DNR will increase the creel limit on these things.

Once the sun set the temperature dropped as well.  The NW wind that was supposed to die down increased and my Dad was getting cold so we packed it in and headed home.  We had 5 walleye that ranged from 22 to 24 inches long so he was happy.  Besides, we had the following night and we figured we would catch a bunch more.  Little did I know that I couldn’t be any more wrong.

Friday night we started at 7:00 pm.  This time the wind was out of the south east, the temps were warmer but the water was still dirty.  I figured we would still catch some fish but I didn’t think it would take an hour.  This was going to be a long night.  We ended up with 3 walleye and they all came within a 20 minute period.  We stayed out until 10:00 pm but after awhile we both agreed that it was pointless and headed home.  I talked to a few other people on the water and most had only a couple of fish.  My friend Dave and his father and son had 7 and that was about the best I had heard anyone do.  Until the next day when we had the weigh-in and the winning team had caught 22 walleye, weighed 5 that was over 30 pound and one that was a 9 1/2 spawned out female.  At least someone had found the fish.

Oh well…..there’s always next year.

Only picture, didn't think a pic from the following day was worth the effort.

Only picture, didn’t think a pic from the following day was worth the effort.



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28 04 2013

Thanks for writing this blog, Jerry

28 04 2013

Your Welcome

28 04 2013

Over all it was tough fishing for anyone in the channel for this tourney. I was doubting if I was doing the right thing with the right colors. I never had a clue on what they wanted and sounds like alot of people were scratching there heads too. I still had a blast with the pressure of trying to do well, only 3 keeper fish for me with around 9 + hours of fishing. We still have a long season of handlining ahead and I’m positive the coolers are going to be full for most of them nights .

28 04 2013

Yeah Larry that Friday was one of the worst nights I have had in the last year. I couldn’t get anything right that night and I am still feeling the effects of it. Better days are coming.

30 04 2013
Dave Fitch

Tough weekend for sure guys. Thought that we would have to work for them but would at least get em. It took 4 and a half hours saturday morning to get our 1st legal fish for the day and another 5 minutes to get the next one and that was all we got. Thanks for your hard work putting on a great tournament. We will see you guys soon.

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