Vacation Walleye Day 2

30 04 2013

Results for today were a lot different.  About the only difference in the conditions was that the wind was out of the south and the surface temp was up to 49 degrees.   Picked up the first one right away but it took longer for the second one.  I had a guest today and he caught it so that was a good thing.

I had my first casualty to day, busted the lip on a #7 Clown.  I scraped a walleye with that lure as well.  When I realized I busted the lip I brought it in and found scales on both hooks.  Kind of re-affirms my belief those quick hit and gone fish are ones that are being snagged by the lure and never hooked up.

We didn’t fish too long.  My fishing partner for the morning got hung up and the main line got tangled in the prop.  It pretty much peeled the nylon coating off of about 30 feet of line.  The reel is ok but I will have to replace the line. Something else to do tomorrow.  Think I’m going to take the day off from fishing.  Got some things to do here around the house.

04-30-12 TC



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