5/10/13 TC Walleye Report

11 05 2013

(Sing to the tune, Silver Bells)

Silver Bass,

Silver Bass,

It’s Silver time on the river.

Hear Mark Scream,


Soon he will lose his Freakin’ mind……..

Yeah it’s that time again.  The annual invasion.  I generally don’t go out that much when the horde is in but I had a really crappy week and I needed a break.  I figured I would wait until just before dark and hope that the fresh water piranha would shut down.  I ended up hitting the river around 8 and instead of going to my usual starting point I headed north for a bit.  I though I would jig for awhile and just play around for a bit.  After about a dozen or so Silvers I figured it was late enough to start pulling wire.  Ehhhhhh…..Bad Idea.

I headed down stream and set up just south of the Catamaran.  I was going to run a pair of Nite Stalkers on my 40 and 20 leads.  It was 8:30 and getting dark fast so I thought I was ok.  Once the weight hit the bottom I found out just how wrong I was.  Not only were they in thick but the NW wind made boat control darn near impossible.  After 20 minutes of fighting the wind and fish I was seriously debating calling it quits.  I didn’t want to go home empty handed so I decided to stick it out.  About 45 minutes and roughly 2 million Silver Bass later I finally caught a walleye, it was quickly followed up by another and things were looking up.  The Silvers had slowed way down and the fish I was looking for were hungry.  I ended up catching 2 more before 10:30 pm rolled around giving me 4.  I was hoping I would get 1 more but the Silver Bass had other ideas.  They decided it was time to eat again.  Fifteen minutes of non stop Silver action was more than I could take and I headed home.

Just like the other night, 4 was good enough for me.

Now for the specifics.  Water was clear and the surface temp was 59 degrees.  NW wind never laid down so boat control was very difficult.  The wind kept pushing me downstream.  I need to get more weight in the front of my boat and maybe a drift sock to help keep the bow in place.

Either that or I stay home on nights with 20 mph NW winds.

I'm really starting to like these Nite Stalkers.

I’m really starting to like these Nite Stalkers.



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