Will they ever leave?

15 06 2013

June 14th 2013, Trenton Channel.  It was calm, no clouds and the water was clear.  Several boats were already on the water.  Conditions looked good, except for one thing……..THEY ARE STILL ^*(%^*(&%(*&%$ HERE!!!!!

I can’t believe this.  April 21st I saw my first S***** bass of 2013 and here it is almost 2 months later and I am still catching the darn things.

What the Frak!!!!

Well my Dad was down for my daughter’s graduation and to celebrate his 50th Wedding Anniversary with the family so we were going to make the best of it.  We were on the water at 8:30 and a few of my friends were already fishing.  I pulled up along side of my friend Steve who had been out for about an hour.  He didn’t have any walleye but he said he had only caught a handful of those “Things”.  I could live with that.  We both set up with Nite Stalker Pencil Plugs and started fishing.  About 5 minutes later my Dad had a hit but it didn’t stay on.  A little while later he decided to check his lines and they were both tangled up.  The one plug had scales on the hook.  He must of snagged one and it tangled the line in the process and twisted everything up.  While he was fixing that I pulled my lines and switched over to Rapala’s.  After 30 minutes of no unmentionables I decided to boldly go where I dare not go last month.  Rapala’s in the daylight.  Big mistake, 5 minutes later and one of those rotten little blankity blanks was on.  While I was bringing him in though the line suddenly got a lot heavier.  Sure enough a walleye had grabbed one of my other leaders.  No problem, walleye first, garbage fish later.

Not much happened for the next hour.  I did talk to my friend Jerry and he had 3 in the box and lost a few at the boat.  He also said he was about ready to quit because of all the crap he was catching.  He was running 1 bleeding copper flash Rap and a couple of spoons.  We chatted for a bit but I got hung up and he got out of the way.  My wire snapped and I lost the whole rig.  A little while alter I was all rigged up again and back at it.  That must have been the cue for the rotten little buggers to start up because for the next hour all we caught were the fish that I still refuse to name.  It was past 10 by now and I was beginning to wonder how the night was going to end.  Jerry had called me and said he got his 5 and was headed home.  I had caught one more smaller walleye and my Dad had caught nothing.  We continued to fish and I picked up a third.  By 11 My Dad had said he had had enough and we started to pull lines.  He thought we had 4 but I told him it was only 3.  Just as I started to pull in my lines number 4 hit.  He also turned out to be our largest fish of the night, a 22 inch 3 1/2 pounder.

After we packed up we pulled up along side of my friend Richard to chat with him for a bit.  He was putting the hand line stuff away and was going to switch over to long lining for a bit.  I think we talked to him for over 1/2 an hour about the wrong fish still being in the river, a lack of walleye and just life in general.   By the time we drifted down past Humbug Island I started my E-Tech from Anglers Marine in Taylor (Shameless plug) and we were headed for home.  4 in the box isn’t bad but still catching those other things has got to stop.  It’s been almost 2 months now.  Will the madness ever end?

Oh, almost forgot, the vital stats.  Water temp was 64 degrees with about 2 feet of visibility.  Clear skies and a 1/4 moon and no wind.  Number #11 DT 158 and a #7 Downriver Steel Rapala (Another shameless plug for downrivertackle.com).

6-14-13 TC



8 responses

16 06 2013
steve schoonover

well i’m glad you and jerry had some success, bad news is I broke my reel and boat, dave’s boat was down but now up and running,have to work next weekend but ill try again in 2 weeks and see if things are looking up,
again great blog mark!

16 06 2013
Mark Schaller

Sorry to hear about the reel and boats. I won’t be out again for a couple of weeks myself.

17 06 2013

I’m intrigued, what was the nameless fish? Does it rhyme with pass?

17 06 2013

White Bass, aka Silver Bass, aka Fresh Water Pirahna, The Fish That Shall Not Be Named, P.I.T.A., Rotten Little *&$%^#. They invade the Detroit River in the Millions every Spring. They get so thick you literally can’t get your lure to the bottom without one grabbing it. People using Alabama Rigs have been known to catch 3 or 4 per cast.

17 06 2013

Oh, yes. They have a big spring run in here in mid march. About the only good fly fishing pursuit we have.

17 06 2013

We actually have a couple of guides in the area that fly fish for everything from those “Other” Bass to Muskie’s.

24 06 2013
Dave Fitch

Mark , they are leaving. Only caught a half dozen last night with Larry. Got blown off the water at 10:30 with 35mph winds out of nowhere, but did boat 4 wallies, 2 of them undersized. Tried to fish during the full moon, but storms came in before the moon came out.

24 06 2013
Mark Schaller

I was thinking about trying Wednesday but I have a lot of things to do around here and the weather isn’t looking promising. Maybe Saturday Night.

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