7/2/13 Walleye Report

3 07 2013

After expereincing what seemed like endless rain storms for the last 2 weeks I jumped all over a favorable forecast  for Tuesday July 2nd.  At first the forecast was calling for a 50/50 chance of thunderstorms.  By 3:00 pm that changed to a zero chance of storms so it was game on. 

I hit the water around 7:30 pm and ran all spoons, the same 2 I finished up with last Sunday and a larger Chartreuse/Black ladder back pattern.  After 45 minutes all I had for my efforts were several Smallies, a Silver that still didn’t get the memo and a 24 inch Channel Cat that about pulled the wire out of my hand when he hit.  After I released the cat in front of the cat I swapped out the spoon on my 40 foot lead with a #9 clown.  Shortly after that I had number 1 in the box.  After that I swapped out all my spoons for Rapala’s in size 9 and 7.  Didn’t make any difference, the rest of my one man limit all came on my 40 foot lead and that #9 Clown.  By 9:30 I was done and heading in.  Got to love nights like this.

Now for the vital stats.  Water temp was 70 degrees and about 2 feet of visibility.  Some floating weeds but nothing to get all worked up over.  Partly cloudy skies and just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away.  Largest fish was 25 inches long and the smallest was 21 1/2.  Total weight for all 5 was just under 19 pounds.  I also had the whole river to myself.  A couple of stragglers from the tri hull navy were anchored by shore but no other handliners.   

TC 7-2-13 Smallie

18 Inches of Line Tangling Fury

A Cat by the Cat.

A Cat by the Cat.

Total Catch

Total Catch



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