Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds.

19 09 2013

Weeds to the left of me,

Weeds to the right of me,

In to the floating mats, trolled my little boat.

It had been almost 2 months since the last time I went out fishing by myself.  Normally I do that once or twice a week but with so much going on I haven’t had the time or desire to go.  That and I have had a lot of requests from other people to go fishing so I’ve had a fair amount of company.  Not that I mind but sometimes I need those solo trips.  Unfortunately this one did not go like I had hoped.  Actually it did go as I thought it would.  Lots of floating weeds and few or as in this case no fish.

I was lines down by 7:00 pm and at 7:01 pm I was clearing weeds off my lines.  This was going to be a long night.  I started off on the east side of the river hoping the weeds wouldn’t be as bad.  The last few days have been E or SE winds so I figured the Grosse Isle side wouldn’t be as bad.  I was wrong, it was bad.  I found out later that I was also right.  The west side of the river by the Edison Plant was impossible.  I made one very short trip through that area and never returned.  I just stuck to the middle of the river and made the best of it.  I did catch a few small bass and I lost one on a Riley Special spoon on my kicker.  Now one may ask how do I know that a 2 second head shake was on my kicker, simple, it was the only lure down at the time.  My 2 number 9 Rapala’s were in my hand so I could clear the weeds. 

So that was my excitement for the night.  2 ½ hours of dodging weeds and the occasional pleasure boat making its last run for the year.  Nothing interesting except for a ring bill gull that had a green hot-n-tot stuck to its head.  I tried to net her but she could still fly so no luck. 

Full moon, clear sky, ridiculously clear water and a slight SE breeze.  No bugs, no fish but lots and lots and lots of floating weeds.  Come on West Winds!!

Oh yeah, surface temp was 65 degrees and still lots of shiners in the Elizabeth Park marina. 

At least I didn’t have to pay to launch. 

Next up….Salmon Time.



2 responses

19 09 2013
Dave Fitch

I was wondering when you would make it back out. I don’t feel so bad now. Last Saturday morning, One 20″ walleye east side below the Catamaran, lots of Smallies and a 36″ Musky. Fish have to turn back on soon. Starting to question myself and my approach. By the way, I am starting to use that resrored reel solely. I am coming to like it.

19 09 2013

Yeah it’s been awhile. I’m trying to figure out what has changed to cause the walleye to leave the area or just not feed. Even when they are in a neutral mood I can usually get a few to hit just out of spite. Ever since the 10 degree water temp drop in one day back in July the fishing has been for crap. Next time out I’m heading upstream to try deeper water along the channel edges.

Glad the reel is working out for you. Yet another Convert!!

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