Boat Traffic, Bass and Weed Report 10/2/13

3 10 2013

Normally I can deal with one of the three but when you combine all of them it makes for a miserable experience.  In this case the worst night I have had on the river all year.  When I first got to the ramp I saw a lot of trailers in the lot.  I figured they were all bass fishermen pre-fishing for the Fall tournaments.  Turns out a lot of them were the big pleasure boats getting that last trip in and burning off any gas in their tanks.  It was like the hour before the fireworks on the 4th of July.  I hadn’t seen boat traffic like this all summer and they were out in force tonight.  So between getting bounced around by 3 and 4 foot wakes, dodging weed patches and catching smallmouth bass from 3 to 13 inches in length I was getting a little aggravated.  The weeds and the bass were so bad that I was clearing my lines every 5 minutes because of one or the other.  I was not a happy camper.

I started off up by Rotary Park first.  I thought I would give the deeper water a chance and see if any walleye were hanging along the edges.  I was marking fish but based on the number of bass I was catching I’m assuming that was what the marks were.  Either that or crescent shaped weeds floating below the surface.  After about an hour of dodging weeds and PWC’s I headed downstream to the Catamaran.  Not much difference, just bass but at least the boats were starting to thin out.  About 9:00 pm I just gave up and headed in.  I had had enough.  I’ll try again another day.

Now for the vital statistics.  Water is still ridiculously clear with a surface temp of 66.6 degrees (that should have been an indication of how my night was going to go).  Light NW wind, very few clouds and no moon.  I did talk to one person at the ramp who said he caught 5 west of Celeron Island on a #3 Rapala.  That’s right a #3, the smallest lure Rapala makes.  I didn’t see the fish so take it for what it’s worth.  I was planning on trying farther downstream this weekend in the morning.  I don’t like making that run at night.  There are a few cans down there that don’t have lights and they are very hard to see in the dark.  Maybe Sunday morning.

Hopefully duck hunting goes better on Saturday.  Early forecast is for a warm humid day and thunderstorms in the evening.  So far it isn’t looking good.



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