10/29/13 Pre-Halloween Eve TC Walleye

30 10 2013

Well after a two week hiatus because of kidney stones and bad weather I was finally back on the river.  With the sudden drop in temperature over the last two weeks I had been itching to get out.  Now that the planets had all aligned I had my chance.  My friend Richard showed up at my house around 6:00 pm and by 6:30 we were lines down and fishing.  I had heard scattered reports that the water had dirtied up some.  I guess my definition of dirty water is different than most other people.  Still looked pretty darn clear to me.  Good thing though was that the weeds were pretty much non existent.

I got a call from my friend and handlining mentor “Sparky” earlier today telling me he got 4 and lost 1 on a #11 Blue and Silver Rapala.  I of course set up with almost the same thing.  I was using a #11 Bleeding Blue Shad Rapala.  Very similar to the traditional blue/silver model but with a pearl finish and red hooks and lip.  Fish didn’t care.  I caught 4 on that lure on my 40 foot lead.  Richard was pretty much along for the ride for the first few hours.  Around 9:30 pm he finally hooked in to a 24 inch male that he caught on a custom painted clown pattern Rapala he painted himself.  It was the only fish he caught but it was also the biggest of the night and it made up for his slow start. 

Now for the vital statistics.  Like I said the water is still very clear and hardly any floating weeds.  Surface temp was 48 degrees and in the Edison discharge lane it was 52 degrees.  Three walleye were taken in the discharge area and the other two out in the middle of the river near the Catamaran.  We did not catch anything else, only walleye and they were hitting very light.  No hard strike, just weight at first and an occasional head shake.  Every fish was hooked on the trailing hook.  We didn’t lose any but a few were close to having the hook ripped out of their mouth.  Clear sky, no wind, cold temps but very calm.  All in all it was a pretty good night on the river.      

TC 10-29-13



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30 10 2013

Up here in my part of Washington State, its a long drive to catch walleye. I have caught them accidentally while fishing for smallmouth in Eastern Washington, my biggest being just a little over 8 lbs. Great eating. In fact when we went back to Wisconsin last spring I made a point of ordering it in a restaurant. But when it comes to a good substitute, I fish for our yellow perch which range up around 10-13 inches.

30 10 2013

Perch are moving in here as well but that is a day time weekend thing for me. Night time is the right time for walleye.

30 10 2013
Larry E.

Hey, you mean there is fish in the river that want to play? Man you don’t know how long its been to hear a report that sounds promising. Well I guess you do, been tough on the old Detroit River. Time to get the leaves out of the boat and gas it up!

30 10 2013

Better hurry, if we get many more nights in the 30″s the water temp will drop too much and then it will be game over. There’s always steelhead though.

30 10 2013

Handlining for steelhead? Count me in:)

30 10 2013

Wouldn’t be the first time I caught them that way. Rick Malichuk caught an 11 pound King over in Amherstburg this summer pulling wire. I hae to get the pic posted on the website.

30 10 2013

Walleye are on my bucket list. Looks like a good fish fry is coming up.

30 10 2013
Dave Fitch

Hey , do any of you guys know of anyone who runs a jon boat up any of the rivers around here? I would like to do a trip for steelies this fall. Ha Ha . Nice job Mark, and see you guys soon in the channel.

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