Tournament Date Dilemma

29 01 2014

Here’s the deal.  Every year I put on a tournament strictly for handliners.  Those that have participated know what a chore it has been trying to schedule a date that doesn’t conflict with the multitude of other tournaments and the annual White Bass run.  The last few years have been especially difficult because the run has been early.  This year there is a new wrinkle, I will be out of town on May 2nd and 3rd of 2014.  With that in mind I have two options.

Option #1 April 25 – 26th.

After last years disaster I figured I would hold the tournament early to try and avoid the White Bass.  Well this winter has been one of the most brutal on record.  Michigan has broken records all month long for cold days and snow totals.  The latest long range forecast shows this continuing into February and no end in sight.  I have a feeling some of the major tournaments that are scheduled for the beginning of April are going to be cancelled because there will still be ice flowing down the river.  With that in mind I have a feeling things are going to run late.  Fish will be there but they will still be very lethargic because of the water temps and no one is going to want to be on the river at night when surface temps are still in the 35 to 40 degree range.  That also means that the White Bass will still be out in Lake Erie where they belong. 

Option #2 May 9th and 10th.

I first started fishing for Detroit River walleye back in the 70’s.  My Dad and I didn’t even start until the beginning of May.  That was when the run really took off and easy limits of hungry males could be had.  We didn’t even worry about the White bass because they didn’t show up until after Mother’s Day and didn’t get unbearably thick until June.    10 Years of mild winters have altered that to where the fishing is hot and heavy in April along with the White Bass migration.  This year could be like those days in the 70’s and 80’s where I could catch butt loads of fish all through the month of May.  Of course the jet stream could shift and we might get a quick warm up in March and throw everything all out of whack.  Of course walleye can still be caught during the White Bass run but it takes some doing and a few tricks.  Tricks of course I will not divulge until after the tournament.  After all I would like to win my own tournament just once. 

Well there you have it.  You guys that fish the tournament what do you think?  I have to pick a date soon and I may not be able to change the date come April when I will have a better idea of the weather is going to be like.



4 responses

29 01 2014
Dave Fitch

Who cares about the hand liners anyway. For what it’s worth , I would vote May 9&10. That way we would definitely catch fish , what ever they were.

29 01 2014

That’s what I’m thinking. Have a special prize for biggest @#$# Bass.

30 01 2014
Larry E.

I’ll second May 9th and 10th. This severe cold is going to be a game changer with the timing of spawning compared to the last few years. There is so much ice right now in the great lakes it’ll be flowing downriver for some time. I just want to fish, this weather its getting more depressing with every forecast.

30 01 2014

You’re not kidding, I was thinking Steelhead Saturday but now they are saying 2 to 4 inches of snow. I’ve had enough.

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