When Mother Nature gives you snow, Tie Flies!!

2 02 2014

In January my area of Michigan broke the old record set in 1908 for most snow in a month, 39 inches.  Guess how we started February? Yep, more snow.  To make matters worse that after it stopped snowing it started to rain and then the temp dropped to make a frozen mess of everything.  Looks like a good weekend to stay indoors.

As I had mentioned before I got back into fly fishing in 2013.  I plan to carry on with that in 2014.  Only problem is that I obliterated what few flies I had so I need to replenish.  With the way this winter has been any trips I make to the AuSable in May could turn out to be a streamer/nymph/wet fly trip.  I’ve never done much nymph fishing before so I spent the first part of Saturday watching You Tube videos on tying bead head nymphs.  Once I saved a few videos and watched them repeatedly I dug through my materials to see what I could come up with.  I think the results turned out pretty good.

I spent Saturday tying up some Caddis Fly nymphs and pheasant tail nymphs.  Any pattern that uses pheasant tail fibers is all right with me.  I saved a lot of tail feathers from my pheasant hunting days and I’m all about free materials.

Caddis Fly Bead Nymph

Caddis Fly Bead Head Nymph

Pheasant Tail Bead Head Nymph

The next day I decided to take a drive up to Schultz’s Outfitters in Ypsilanti to pick up some more beads, hooks and dubbing material.  Today I was going to tie up some Hare’s Ear Bead Head Nymph’s and Frenchie Bead Head Nymph’s.  I have never tied either before so there was going to be a bit of a learning curve here.  The end result wasn’t too bad, I just hope they fool a fish or two.

Frenchie Bead Head Nymph

Frenchie Bead Head Nymph

Hare’s Ear Bead Head Nymph

Wonder if I get an invite this year if the other fishermen will want extra’s?

Well since Seattle is kicking the snot out of Denver I guess I’ll go tie up some more.



4 responses

2 02 2014
Larry E.

Tying flies will hold my interest better than this superbowl. I don’t know what a good fly looks like but them ones have to get ya something.

2 02 2014

I hope so. Can’t use all the steelhead jigs I tied up so I might as well stock up for Summer.

4 02 2014
Dave Fitch

I’ll take a dozen of the caddis and the hare’s ear. Dad taught me how to nymph, and that one has taken more brookies than any other fly I use. I started using them as a dropper a few years ago and it is a deadly combination.

4 02 2014

I was going to ask you which ones you have had the most success with up there. Now that I know I will tie up extra’s, both patterns are an easy tie.

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