More Flies

23 03 2014

Been busy this weekend.  Helped out a friend of mine at a gun show so in between customers I tied flies.  Getting near the end of my Trout Fly supply.  Today it was Deer Hair Emergers and Cahill Parachutes.  Few more patterns and I should be set.  Then it will be on to the Foam Bluegill Flies.


Caddis Green and Light Emergers.




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24 03 2014

Wow, you tie a very nice looking fly in what…about an 8 or 10?

24 03 2014

woops, went the wrong direction. 12 or 14 is what I meant to say.

24 03 2014

Thanks, both flies were tied on a Size 14 hook. Parachutes a standard 14 dry and the Emergers on a #14 Scud hook.

25 03 2014
Dave Fitch

Very nice Mark, Nice flies. David’s Sparty rod is almost complete. Couple more guide wraps and the finish and we’ll be ready. I was able to find a Green large arbor reel at the fly show that will fish perfectly in downtown A2. Think Larry and I are hitting the Huron on Friday, might just bring the fly rod and swing some streamers while he’s plugging. This winter weather is getting old.

26 03 2014

I look forward to seeing that rod. Good Luck Friday!!

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