A Year in a Life – April

7 04 2014
Lake St. Clair Ice as of 4/6.  A good East wind and some rain should push that downstream.

Lake St. Clair Ice as of 4/6. A good East wind and some rain should push that downstream.












It’s getting closer…..

This is the worst time of the year for an open water walleye fisherman. Actually, any open water fisherman who lives in a northern state, especially after this winter. The ice is finally breaking up and open water is more of the norm. Granted there is still a lot of ice farther north but in my little part of the world the end is in sight. I can now safely start to make plans on when I can go out without having to worry about a stray ice berg pushing me down to Cleveland.

Now that the weather is warm enough I have more of a desire to go in the garage and get the boat ready. I am going to have a Coast Guard auxiliary perform a safety inspection so I have to make sure I have everything. I always do but I don’t want to waste his time if the boat isn’t ready. Have to make a minor wiring repair and get the electronics put back in. Need to check the flares to make sure they haven’t expired and put my signaling device (A Big Whistle) back in arms reach. Life jackets, cushions, paddle, license, registration, first aid kit and the tool kit all need to go back in their usual place. Once that is done my numerous boxes of stick baits will go next. Of course I have already inspected them and replaced all the broken lips and bad hooks (Yeah Right). After that it’s on to the trailer lights and greasing the hubs. If all goes well this shouldn’t take too long. It is supposed to get up in to the 60’s later this week so hopefully I can get it all done in one evening. As much as I want to get out I know it’s still early. Water temps are still in the mid 30’s and the fish that are in the river are pretty lethargic. For me the old saying “A Bad Day Fishing is Still Better Then a Good Day at Work” may be true but I don’t want to spend my day off freezing my butt off to catch nothing. I’m shooting for Easter weekend. A fair number of boats have been out but their success has been sporadic. A few fish here and there, nothing to get excited about though this is the time to get that wall hanger. Glad I got over that.

Soon my life will be back to normal. My days at work will be spent completing tax forms and checking weather reports to see what night will be best to go. Weekends will no longer be for sleeping in. Alarm clocks will go off at 5:00 am so I can get out before the other 1,000 boats do. Evening fishing trips will be well after work when everyone else will be coming in, unless of course east winds have muddied things up. If that happens it will be a strictly daytime fishing scenario. Thankfully I have a lot of vacation time. Unfortunately I will be in San Antonio Texas for the last week of April. Doesn’t matter though, the end is near. I will have the next 6 or 7 months to fill my freezer as much as I want. I just need to get through these last couple of weeks.



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