Easter Walleye

21 04 2014

Since I didn’t have any family obligations for Easter I made plans to go out Sunday Evening. Most of my fish on Friday came after 8 I waited until 7:00 pm to hit the water. When I arrived at the launch there was no one take my 5 bucks (BONUS) and most of the lot was empty (Even Better). After I got my stern light post in place and checked I was on my way.

There was a south wind around 5 to 10 mph and the surface temp was right around 47 degrees. Water was a little clearer than Friday night but there was a lot of debris in the water. It looked like someone had dumped a face cord of firewood off a bridge upstream. Chances are someone’s wood pile on some beach farther up north got washed away and it had finally made its way down to my part of the world. About 20 minutes in I had my first walleye of the night, another male in the 18 inch range. Not a bad start until about 10 minutes later. I had another hit but this one felt wrong. It was a light hit with a lot of quick little head shakes. My heart sank, it couldn’t be possible, and not this early, sure enough….I caught my first fish that shall not be named for the season. To make matters worse I caught another one shortly afterwards. I was dumbfounded. 10 days ago we still had ice coming down the river and here I am catching these things. I guess God decided to punish me for not going to church Sunday morning. Fortunately it was only two but where there is one or two, tens of millions will soon follow.

Not much more happened until after dark. I wasn’t catching anything where I caught fish Friday so I pulled lines and headed farther downstream. My Friend Dave told me last Friday that he was marking a lot of fish in 15 feet of water down by the blue boat house so I started there. I stayed in that area for the remainder of the evening and managed to fill my 5 fish limit and lose another small one as well. I had caught 3 and lost one between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm. My plan was to quit at 10:00 pm no matter what. The pressure was on but at exactly 9:59 pm I had number 5 in the box and by 10:01 pm and I was headed home.

2 Trips, 2 limits. Not a bad start for 2014

#11 GFR, #9 Bleeding Olive and a #7 Hot Steel Rapala took all the fish. At one point I got hung up and I busted the lip on the Bleeding Olive Rapala. Somehow I managed to impale the lip on the back hook. How I managed to do that still has me puzzled. There were about a dozen handliners out last night and from what I could see (at least the ones who had lights) everyone was catching fish. Going to try and make a few more trips this week before I head out of town for the week. Need to fill my freezer before the you know what’s show up.


Still trying o figure out how I managed to do this.

Still trying to figure out how I managed to do this.

Easter Walleye 2014

Again, All Males 18 to 22 inches long.

Are you Kidding me!!!!

Are you Kidding me????



2 responses

22 04 2014

Wow! I don’t care what scenerio I’ve tried to think of, for the life of me I can’t figure out how that could have happened. Amazing.

22 04 2014

Near as I can figure this is how it happened. The lip got wedged up on a rock and busted off. By some miracle the lure popped forward and the trailing hook went right through the hole on the base of the lip. Once I got above the snag I was able to pull everything straight up and out. I have caught other lures before and even a weight but never this.

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