5/6/14 Walleye

7 05 2014

Hey Walleye…..Did you miss me?


After being out of town all last week I wanted to get out and see if I could get back into walleye mode. Since I have a tournament coming up this Friday I needed some answers to a couple of questions. The first one was water clarity and the other was whether or not those other things had showed up yet. Last week I read a report about how a group of guys caught over 150 of them. I was hoping it was another false report and a bold faced lie.

Since I didn’t know what the water would be like after a week of windy days and some rain I hit the water shortly after 7:00pm. Apparently the wind and rain had no affect on the water, it was still to clear for daytime wire pulling.

Question 1 answered.

While I was heading downstream I saw my friend Richard so I pulled up along side of him to see how he was doing. He had just landed a nice 24 inch walleye and he also told me caught one of those other things. I wasn’t too happy to hear that but maybe it was just a fluke catch like the ones I caught a few weeks back. We chatted for a few more minutes and then I headed further downstream to get set up. I started off with the #11 Bleeding Chartreuse Rapala that has been producing so well for me lately, a #9 Clown and a custom painted #7 Downriver Steel. Now all I needed was for the sun to set and this NE wind to die down. Forecast said it would but it never did, if anything it picked up after dark with gusts strong enough to spin the boat around whenever I wasn’t paying attention. At one point the wind was so constant that between it and the current I was at a stand still in the water. Boat control was a chore all night along. I was constantly increasing and decreasing my speed and fighting to keep the bow pointed upstream and not sideways. Fishing was slow at first with only a smallmouth and a headshake for my efforts. Just after 9:00 pm I had my first walleye of the night and I would pick up 3 more before 10:00pm. The wind was really starting to get on my nerves and after I had landed my third fish I told my self I was calling it quits with 4. Which I did. Before I packed it in I called Richard to see how he was doing, he had 3 in the boat and one of them was a nice 28 inch fish. He also told me he caught another one of those things. As for me I didn’t catch a single one.

Question 2 answered.

All in all it wasn’t a bad night, could have done without the NE wind but I have dealt with worse. Surface temp was 49.5 degrees when I started and by the time I had left it had dropped almost a degree. One of these days I will tie a thermometer on to my weight so I can get an idea of what the temp is at the bottom. My 4 fish were all eaters in the 17 to 20 inch range. Great for the freezer but lousy for a tournament. Hope I can find some bigger fish Friday night.


5-6-14 Walleye



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