Silver Evasion Tactic Plan “C” – 5/23/14

25 05 2014

Well the first two plans didn’t work out as well as I hoped so now it was time for Plan “C”.  Hopefully third time’s a charm.  It wasn’t.

Arrived at the Marine City dock with a friend of mine right around 8:00 pm.  There were quite a few trailers in the lot and several people launching so I was optimistic.  That optimism started to wane once I saw how clear the water was.  I had a feeling that the fish would not be holding at the mouth of The Belle River like they had been the last few days.  I was right.  We fished the area until 11:00 pm without a single hit.  To add insult to injury the only thing we caught was a whipper.  He must have had his lines 300 feet off the back of his boat.   Once we got all our lines in we cut our stuff away from his and handed it all to him.  We even gave him our two lures that were tangled up in the mess.  It was my fault and he was pretty cool about the incident so I figured we should give them to him.  No big deal and now I know better.

After that we just packed up and headed in.  We had a bit of a drive home and I was tired.  Glad we left when we did, as we drove home I blew a tire on the trailer on I-94 near the I-75 exit, not exactly the best part of town.  About 20 minutes later the tire was changed and we were on our way.  After a night like this I have to look on the bright side.  We both made it home, no injuries and my plan sort of worked.  We didn’t catch any Silver Bass.

On a side note though.  I woke up the next day and my right elbow was sore and swollen.  I’m sure bouncing that 2 pound weight around for 3 hours caused it.  I hope and pray I am not developing Tennis Elbow from handlining.  That would SUCK!!!!!

What's left of my tire.

What’s left of my tire.




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25 05 2014

Driving in a caravan of three trucks and our bassboats, one of the trucks blew a tire. We were on a farm road with alfalfa fields on both sides. It had already not been a good day for Mike as he jacked up the trailer to change the tire. Grumbling, he snarled, “What the hell else could go wrong today?” Just about then the huge sprinkler system in the field next to him turned on, instantly drenching him, his boat and truck. We laughed ourselves to tears. Mike found no humor in it whatsoever.

25 05 2014

As I was changing the tire I was thinking “it could be worse, it could be raining”.

26 05 2014
Larry E.

I think if I had to change a tire in that area I’d would be a candidate for a NASCAR pit crew. I tried to bottom bounce Ecorse area to change things up and avoid untangling 3 leads from the dreaded silvers. No walleye and a bunch of silvers. Now what do we try?

27 05 2014

I know what I am going to try, nothing. I got enough in the freezer to last me until they leave. RIver is going to be thick with them for the next few weeks. I can wait. If not I’ll try and scam me a ride on someone else’s boat out into Lake Erie.

29 05 2014
Dave Fitch

The boys and I will be pursuing them on Saturday, neighbor wants some for the garden, the boys want to catch some fish. Figure, if you can’t beat em join em. Now the big question, will my rig blend in with all of the tri-hulls out there?

29 05 2014

My question is the new fly rod going to get a workout?

3 06 2014
Dave Fitch

well, have to say we couldn’t help you guys by thinning the population of them things a little. I was off on friday through monday and the honeydo list kept growing, sorry guys.

3 06 2014


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