Pencil Plug Modification

3 06 2014

I was trying to come up with a way to modify all the wooden Pencil Plugs I have so that I can actually use them.  This should work.  I’ll try it once the Silver’s leave.  All I did was unscrew the eyelet out about half way, pried it open with a knife edge, inserted the barrel swivel and clamped it back down.  I can’t think of any reason for why it shouldn’t work.  It sure will make attaching it to a crank bait snap a lot easier.

A Minor Tweak

A Minor Tweak



3 responses

5 06 2014
Dave Fitch

that is a great idea, I mess more snaps up trying to get them into that deep eyelet on those things. The raps seem to catch more fish, but for some reason , my larger fish generally have come on pencil plugs.

5 06 2014

Yep, Rapala’s catch more but these things are so much cheaper. I plan on running them more this summer in the evening.

5 06 2014
Dave Fitch

thinking of biting the bullet and hitting the river saturday night. Got 150 or so of them. Might bring some to work and work on some at lunch.

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