They’re Baaaaacccccckkkkkkkk!!!! 6/27/14 Walleye

29 06 2014

In the immortal words of the great philosopher Si Robertson;

It’s On Like Donkey Kong, Jack!!

Hit the water again on Friday 6/27 to see if I could improve on my catch from last weekend.  I was hoping the extra week would give what few remaining %^$# Bass were left a chance to leave and for some Erie walleye to move back in.  With very little rain and almost no winds I expected the water to be clear so I didn’t even get on the water until after 8.  It was going to be a clear night so I didn’t see the need to rush.  I might pick up a couple before dark but I didn’t expect it to get good until after 10:00 pm.

As I was heading downstream I saw my friend Larry so I pulled up to see how he was doing.  No walleye yet but he didn’t catch any of those other things either.  Of course now that he said it we were going to catch them.  There was one other boat out as well and I didn’t recognize it at first.  Later that evening I got closer and it was Dave going solo.  He told me earlier in the week he was supposed to take a friend out but he couldn’t make it.  I started fishing down at the north end of Calf Island with all spoons, the same ones I used last Sunday.  About 30 seconds later number one was in the boat, a nice lightly colored, fresh from Erie, 17 inch fish.  Hot Damn!!  I putt putted around the area for the next hour without another hit except for the occasional rock bass, smallmouth bass and %^$# bass, thanks Larry.  During that time I swapped spoons around in different sizes, styles and colors trying to find something that would trigger a strike.  I did manage to pick up one more eater before dark and it too came on the same spoon on my kicker lead.    Once 10 o’clock rolled around I swapped out the spoons for some pencil plugs and a #7 Black holographic Rapala on my kicker.  I figured with the clear water that maybe something a little less colorful might do the trick.  It did, sometimes it helps to be a little lucky.  Within the next hour I picked  up 3 more fish, all on my kicker and the #7 Black Holographic Rapala.  They only thing I caught on the Pencil Plugs was a %^$# bass that forgot he is supposed to be back out in Lake Erie terrorizing the crawler harness gang.

So by 11 I was heading for home which was fine with me.  With no wind to keep the bugs at bay I was happy to get off the water.  Every time I turned my headlamp on they would be all over me.  I was fishing on borrowed time anyways, the bracket for my reel cracked and it was only a matter of time before it broke completely.  As a matter of fact it did back in the parking lot while I was taking it off the boat.  Still it was a nice night on the water.  At one point a caravan of vintage Mustangs went down River Road on Grosse Isle and Wyandotte had their firework display that night.  Water was very clear and a fair share of weeds, not any big mats but just a lot of little pieces floating around.  None of the stringy green mossy stuff.  No clouds and no moon so it was very dark.  Hard to see anything on the surface but I would know it when I hit a clump of weeds.  The best thing though is the fact that some new fish have moved into the system.  Hopefully they will stick around all summer and this year won’t be a repeat of last year.


16 to 20 inches long Eaters.

16 to 20 inch long Eaters.

Broken Bracket

Hard to believe sometimes the fishery we have here in the shadow of Edison.  Thanks for the pic Dave.

Hard to believe sometimes the fishery we have here in the shadow of Edison.





3 responses

29 06 2014
Larry E.

Mark good to hear you got your limit. I ended up landing 3 walleye for the night, tossed one of them back cause I didn’t have a tape measure. It looked to be 15″ but without a for sure, didn’t need the troubles. I also lost 3 after a few handfuls of wire, Im not sure if I didn’t not have the right color lure and they were short hitting them or what. I went through a few colors and found that I was having better action with natural color raps. I had more fish on the screen down between the brown boat house up to the blue so that was pretty much my game plan for the night. I’ll be back out later this week, so far they are calling for westerly winds so that should keeps the weeds to the other side of the island. Get your reel mount fixed and see ya out there.

29 06 2014
Dave Fitch

What a great night out there friday night, 5 fish in the box would have made it nicer but 2 nice fish is enough for a quick dinner anyway. I’m with Elk on the short strikes, I lost 3 fish on top and 2 or three on the way up. That smallmouth you saw me toss back was a tank, didn’t catch one like that all last year. They are manageable by yourself but at one time he was all the way around the to the port side. He would have created chaos with someone else in the boat for sure. I am out for a few weeks, going to chase the hex hatch in the manistee for the next few weekends. I missed it around the 4th of july last year but reports say it will be game on when we get there. Gonna be a few late nights for sure.

29 06 2014

Yeah they were definitely hitting light the other night. A couple of them acted like they didn’t even know they were hooked. They showed more action when they hit the bottom of the boat and they all came unhooked when they were on the floor. No need for the pliers. Good luck on the Manistee Dave and I’ll see you on the water Larry.

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