7/2/14 Walleye Report

4 07 2014

Short and Sweet.

Went out last Wednesday night for a quick trip.  It was mostly cloudy all day but once I hit the water OUT came the sun.  Go figure.  Well I made the most of it and set up down by where I have been getting most of my fish, the blue boat house.  I set up with a couple of spoons and the #7 Holographic Rapala from the other night.  About 10 minutes in I had my first fish and biggest fish of the night, a 26 inch 5 1/2 pounder.  That would be my only fish for the next 90 minutes.  Once the sun set the fishing picked up and I was able to pick up two more smaller fish.  I figured I was well on my way to another limit but once the sun set so did the wind and out came the bugs.  They were so thick I couldn’t breathe.  I tried to make the best of it but after 5 minutes gnats crawling all over my glasses, in my ears and trying not to swallow any I just gave up.  There will be another day.

Surface temp 73 degrees and the water is still very clear.  The west winds kept the surface weeds to a minimum but that stringy moss was back in force.  Spent a lot of time clearing lures.  Would have been nice if the wind hadn’t died down completely but I can’t have everything.  There will always be another day.


07-02-14 TC Walleye



2 responses

5 07 2014
Larry E.

Hey nice fish. Bet that put up a nice battle on the wire. I took Rob out Thursday night and down by the blue was our best area, we went 2 for 4. Called it a night early because I had to go to the ER to get a hook taken out of my hand…….

5 07 2014

Geez Larry….hope you’re ok!

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