8/8/14 Walleye Report

9 08 2014

Last night was on of the those nights I dream about.  Conditions were great, fish were active and I guessed right on the lures to use.  Only problem was that this will probably be my last trip for awhile.  More on that later.

I got to the ramp around 8:00 pm and took my time getting ready.  The water was still unbelievably clear but I didn’t see any big weed mats floating down stream.  I was worried about this since we have had a NE wind all day.  Once I got the boat ready I launched and headed down to the north end of Calf Island.  I started off with a couple of Spike’s Spoons and a #9 Bleeding Copper Flash Rapala.  This was only going to be temporary, the sun was setting fast and the near full moon was rising.  Around 8:45 pm I switched over to all Rapala’s and slowly worked my way up to the Cat.  After a few minutes I picked up my first walleye of the night.  After that fish things were pretty quiet until about 9:30 pm.  I was just north of the Cat and I picked up my second of 6 fish for the night, all in the same area.  4 of the fish came on a #9 Bleeding Olive Rapala on my 20 foot lead.  The other 2 came on a #11 Clown Rapala and my 40 foot lead.  Nothing on the kicker.  A little after 10:00 pm I lost a nice fish which would have been my fifth for the night.  Didn’t matter, 5 minutes later I had two on.  I kept the larger of the two and threw the other one back for another day.  By 10:15 pm I was all done and heading home.  Other than that early fish all the rest came after 9:30 pm.  After the sun was down and the moon was out.  I love fishing under a full moon and no clouds.

Now for the reason why this will be my last trip for awhile.  While I was getting the boat ready I discovered a 6 inch long crack in the aluminum along the transom.  I need to get that repaired before I make any more trips.  That means I have to take the engine off and rebuild the wooden transom.  I was planning on doing that this winter but I don’t have any choice now.  Looks like I will be doing a lot more fly fishing in the mean time.


8-18-14 TC  Lures










6 responses

9 08 2014
Larry E.

Hey there is fish in the river! Sure has been slow for just about everyone. Bummer on the tear in the transom hope the fix goes well. I haven had a good trip in a while, I’m gonna give it a shot Thursday, Im down to only 4 packages of fish. Last time I was in my boat it cost me $1000.00 to get that hooked removed in the ER. Thanks for the report.

10 08 2014

Good luck Larry, maybe you should start wearing kevlar gloves….lol

11 08 2014
Dave Fitch

Nice job Sir. I was waiting for a report like that. I just cleared the schedule for the Huron Fly fest. David and I will be out there. I will try and drag Steve. I am hoping to fish the Huron some next year and any info I can get will be welcome. Will you have your new stick with you? I would like to see it.

11 08 2014

Yes, it has been in the back of my car ever since I bought. Never know when I may get an opportunity to try it out.

11 08 2014
Dave Fitch

My new one is a 4 piece, it packs nicely

11 08 2014

So is mine. AS I was looking through the catalog it seems like a lot of the new fly rods are 4 piece.

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