A year in a Life – August

27 08 2014


Not much can be said for this month.  This is usually the time of year I start to slow down and take it easy.  I have been hitting it pretty hard for close to 4 months now and I start to experience a little burnout.  Both my self and my equipment has been taking a beating so it’s time to re-tool, relax and get ready for the start of hunting season and the fall walleye run.  Getting ready for small game doesn’t take much, buy a few licenses and zero in the .22 rifle is about all I need to do.  Getting ready for Fall fishing is a ltitle more involved.  The first thing I do is check all my gear for battle damage.  This means new leaders, swivels, snaps and shanks.  Four months of beating them on rocks takes their toll and now is not the time to discover something is damaged while I’m bringing in a 6 pound fish.  Fall fish mean big, aggressive fish and I don’t want to lose any because of a nicked line or damaged swivel.  I know I should be checking these things throughout the season but I’ll admit I get lazy.  Summer time fish are generally smaller and they don’t fight a lot.  Even the Smallmouth are pretty lethargic.  That all starts to change though once it starts to cool down. 

The other thing I need to do is dig out the big baits, all my size #13 Rapala’s.  I have to keep these out of the boat just because I don’t have the room.  I know it should seem like a no brainer to find them but every year I seem to put that box in a place I can never find.  I’ll end up spending an afternoon searching the garage and my house to find them.  One of these days I will get myself organized.  Another thing I need to do is get the perch stuff out and ready.  If for some reason the walleye don’t want to cooperate I can usually go get a few perch.  I don’t need to fill the boat with them but enough for a meal or two is a nice change from my usual walleye diet.  Again, the hardest part about getting the perch stuff ready is trying to find my box of snelled hooks, sinkers and other miscellaneous items.     




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27 08 2014

August in south Texas is my winter. It’s a good month to regroup.

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