6/24/15 Walleye

25 06 2015

This is going to be pretty short.  More of a conditions report than a walleye report.  This trip was cut short because my battery died and therefore I didn’t have any lights.  Of course they cut out right at dusk.  Just as well, no wind and the bugs were as bad as the previous night.  Oh well, enough  of that, on to the important stuff.

Hit the water right around 8:00 pm.  Dan and Garrick were getting ready to launch Dan’s boat when I arrived.  After a few smart ass comments from Dan we were both on our way to our perspective starting spots.  Actually I was on my way first because I’m a tad bit more organized, but I won’t go into that.

Water levels were still up and the water had a slight stain to it.  All the rain hadn’t dirtied up the water as much as most would expect.  There were a fair amount of weeds and some debris on the surface though.  No huge mats mats but just enough strands of the stuff to keep me on my toes.  Water temp was 67 degrees, about the same temp it was at this time last year.  Clear skies, no wind and half of a full moon were what the heavens offered tonight.  I figured nothing would start until dark, to bad I would never get a chance to find out.  I did manage to catch one walleye and I lost one at the boat.  Both came on the same orange and black spoon I have caught all my fish on this year.  I have yet to land one on a Rapala.  I’ll admit the biggest ones I have hooked into and lost have come on a #9 Rapala but none of them have ended up in the cooler.

No pictures of the fish.  I really didn’t feel like cleaning one fish so I pulled up along side of Dan’s boat and threw it in.  I don’t know how he ended up for the night but that was the first walleye they had seen so far.

More rain in the forecast, maybe I will try again Sunday night.  Headed up to Oscoda this weekend to check on my Dad and to help him out with anything he needs done.


Father’s Day Weekend 2015

22 06 2015

Friday night, June 19th.  The end of another long week and for once no rain.  The last few weeks it has been on and off rain and water levels that are rising more then they are falling.  I needed a break and tonight was it.  I suggested to Susan that we should pick up a couple of subs and go eat them down at Willow Metro Park.  Of course the fly rod would be coming along for use after dinner.  We didn’t stay long but I managed to catch a few fish before the mosquitoes tried to carry us off.

Not very big but very colorful.

Not very big but very colorful.

Washago Pickle

The next morning I headed out to the Detroit River to see if I could catch a few walleye for the freezer.  This was going to be my first real trip of the year.  I had gone out a few weeks ago but that was more of a screw around trip.  This time it was serious.  I was out of walleye and I needed some for myself and my parents.

I arrived at the ramp just in time to watch a bass tournament get all their boats launched.  Jump time hadn’t come yet so I had time to get ahead of them and get set up.  By 6:45 I was lines down and fishing.  Conditions were just about perfect.  NE wind at around 5 mph, overcast skies, clean water and no floating weeds or mayfly casings.  All I needed now was a few fish.  It didn’t take long and I had my first one on.  He hit a #9 Clown Rapala on my 40 foot lead.  As I was bringing him he came to the surface rather quickly and I could see he was barely hooked.  I thought to myself that he should just shake his head and get it over with.  He must have heard me because he did just that.  About 10 minutes later I had another one on the same lead and lure but this one stayed down.  After a few minutes I managed to get it up close enough to the boat to see it.  This fish was also barely hooked and it was a beast.  One more head shake and I got to watch her swim away as well.  I was beginning to think that this was the start of a very bad trip.  Fortunately though my luck changed and the next 5 I hooked were all landed easily.  These fish all came on the same orange and black spoon on my 20 foot lead.  Why they were hitting the spoon hard and not the Rapala has me a bit perplexed.  All I can figure is that the bigger fish were not in an active feeding mode and just taking a half ass swipe at the lure as it came by.  The spoon must have been easier for them to suck in.  I didn’t care, as long as they were in the cooler.

1st limit of 2015

1st limit of 2015

After fishing I spent the afternoon down at Cedar Point with Susan and her brother and his family.  He has a boat in the Marina so we spent the afternoon there.  One of the other tenants came by to show off his fishing rod “set-up”.  He was really proud of the line…40 pound Berkley Fireline.  Why he needed that was beyond me but he was really proud of it.  One thing I did take notice of was the number of gnats and mayflies.  I wondered if they were going to be this bad back home.  As luck would have it I would find out later.

The next morning Susan and I were out once again but this time with my kids.  With it being Father’s Day they wanted to go to breakfast and see a movie.  After some Red, White and Blue pancakes from Denny’s we headed to the theatre to go see “Inside Out”.  My kids and I have been going to see just about every Pixar movie that comes out.  All these years we are still doing it and Pixar does not fail to produce fantastic movies.  This one was no exception.  If you do decide to go see it take some Kleenex.

Susan had to go to work that evening so I was free to do as I pleased.  Of course that meant another shot at the walleye.  This time around the conditions were a bit different.  Clear skies, bright sun, clear water and soon no wind.  I managed to pick up one walleye.

Walleye 1

What really surprised me was how active the few remaining Silver Bass were after dark.  I didn’t catch many but the ones I did get were big.  Most were in the 14 to 16 range.  Some of these were Master Angler qualifiers but I wasn’t about to turn one in.  The worst part of the whole night was the bugs.  As it got dark I could see the mayflies starting to hatch and the gnats were right there with them.  At one point I had a green and red cloud of gnats at the bow of my boat.  Anytime I turned my headlamp on to see what I was doing I was instantly covered in gnats.  I got so sick of them I just cleared weeds and lines in the dark.  After about 30 minutes though it got to be to much and I just gave up.  Even back at the ramp they were ridiculously thick.  I’m still smacking bugs in the inside of my car.  I shouldn’t complain to much though.  It won’t last and I should be happy that the Silver Bass are clearing out.  I have all summer to catch fish.


Sculpin Time.

9 06 2015

I started tying up Sculpins the other day.  Why may you ask?  Very simple…..


Actually, in this case they are for Smallmouth Bass but I’m sure a Steelie wouldn’t turn his nose up on one of these.  This particular pattern was an alteration of a pattern by the people at Fly Fish Food.  As usual I didn’t have all the materials they used so I improvised.  Tying them on an inverted hook proved to be a little painful.  Those Daichi hooks are sharp.  If you look closely at the fly in the lower left hand corner you will notice a dark red spot on the head.  Yeah that’s my blood. I’m going to start putting eraser tips on the hook point while I tie these.  I’m going to give them a try this weekend up at Sanford Lake.  I have a graduation party to go to at 4:00 pm so that will leave me plenty of time to fish.