6/24/15 Walleye

25 06 2015

This is going to be pretty short.  More of a conditions report than a walleye report.  This trip was cut short because my battery died and therefore I didn’t have any lights.  Of course they cut out right at dusk.  Just as well, no wind and the bugs were as bad as the previous night.  Oh well, enough  of that, on to the important stuff.

Hit the water right around 8:00 pm.  Dan and Garrick were getting ready to launch Dan’s boat when I arrived.  After a few smart ass comments from Dan we were both on our way to our perspective starting spots.  Actually I was on my way first because I’m a tad bit more organized, but I won’t go into that.

Water levels were still up and the water had a slight stain to it.  All the rain hadn’t dirtied up the water as much as most would expect.  There were a fair amount of weeds and some debris on the surface though.  No huge mats mats but just enough strands of the stuff to keep me on my toes.  Water temp was 67 degrees, about the same temp it was at this time last year.  Clear skies, no wind and half of a full moon were what the heavens offered tonight.  I figured nothing would start until dark, to bad I would never get a chance to find out.  I did manage to catch one walleye and I lost one at the boat.  Both came on the same orange and black spoon I have caught all my fish on this year.  I have yet to land one on a Rapala.  I’ll admit the biggest ones I have hooked into and lost have come on a #9 Rapala but none of them have ended up in the cooler.

No pictures of the fish.  I really didn’t feel like cleaning one fish so I pulled up along side of Dan’s boat and threw it in.  I don’t know how he ended up for the night but that was the first walleye they had seen so far.

More rain in the forecast, maybe I will try again Sunday night.  Headed up to Oscoda this weekend to check on my Dad and to help him out with anything he needs done.




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