Michigan Trout Trails

4 07 2015

Just a quick post to share an online tool put out by the Michigan DNR for trout streams.  Michigan has a butt load of trout streams but trying to find any information on them can be difficult.  The DNR has launched a new online tool that will help alleviate this.  It is just starting out but eventually it will include information for trout streams all over Michigan.  If you like to fish for trout take a minute to check it out.

Michigan Trout Trails



2 responses

8 07 2015

Hey , I know a stream up north that just had a killer Hex spinner fall Monday night. Although I didnt land one, I had 2 significant hookups and David had a nice one to the leader , about 16″. First time I was ever swarmed with them like that. I had several “Big” fish thrashing within 30 feet of me for an hr or so. We fished for a few hrs before dark and caught a few dinks and saw very few fish rising. After dark the “Bugs” came out and all heck broke loose.

8 07 2015

Cool, one of these days I will be up during a hex hatch. They were hatching thick around my Dad’s in Oscoda a week ago but I couldn’t make it to a stream.

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