Somewhat Windy Wednesday Walleye

10 09 2015

As I sat at work I repeatedly looked out the window to see if the skies were remaining overcast.  When 5:30 pm rolled around the clouds were cooperating so I decided to hook up the boat and go.  I should have left earlier but I had a few things to take care of first.  By 8:15 though I was on the water and lines down.  It didn’t take long and I had my first fish on for the night.  Only problem was that it was another one of those weak ass hits that have been all to common this summer.  Like all the others before him he came off right at the boat.  Luckily, a few minutes later, I landed numbers one and two in short order.  They each came on a #9 Rapala, one Black/Silver and the other Gold/Silver.  I tried to stay in the area but the NE wind made boat control difficult and as I was untangling lines I drifted downstream.  About 10 minutes later I was back where I wanted to be and another fish was on.  This one would turn out to be either the dumbest or most unlucky fish alive (well not anymore).  I hooked this one on my 20 foot lead.  As I was about to flip him in the boat he came off.  As he swam away he headed right towards my kicker lure that was still in the water.  Now either he grabbed it or by shear dumb luck he hit it mouth open and got hooked.  I didn’t care, a quick flip and he was in the cooler as well.


After that incident the rest of the night was pretty uneventful.  I landed two more walleye to finish out my limit by 9:00 pm and I also caught my first channel cat for the year.  My last fish came on the same blue and silver pencil plug that has been producing so well for me as of late.  As it turns out it would also be my biggest fish of the year so far, a whopping 21 incher.  Last year that was my average size, this year it is my biggest.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Other than the 15 mph NE wind, conditions were just about ideal.  Water is still clear and the west winds from the last few days kept the weeds to a minimum.  As I had stated earlier the skies were overcast at first but by 9 they were starting to break up.  I didn’t care, I was already on my way home.  That makes 3 limits on my last 3 trips, no lost lures and no equipment malfunctions.  I’m beginning to think I have a guardian angel watching over me.

FullSizeRender IMG_2338



One response

11 09 2015

Good fish story. I’m sitting here hearing the surf pound the crap out of the beach on Saginaw bay. Happy trails.

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