2015 Lake Erie Walleye and Perch Hatch Numbers

23 09 2015

Looks like Lake Erie had a good hatch for this year.  If I figured correctly the walleye population should get a 20 million fish boost.  I’m curious to see what the TEC numbers for 2016 will be and what the estimated population is.  This hatch won’t be counted with the estimated population.



Of course the down side to this is that next summer (2016) we are going to be catching a lot of 8-10 inch walleye.  In 2017 they will be barely legal so we will have to do a lot of sorting.  2018 should be a fantastic season.  Wonder if they will increase the daily limit for the Detroit River in 2018?  Probably not.  If Canada increases their daily limit I might have to start fishing Amherstburg again.

The population really needed this boost, especially if we have another warm winter like they are predicting.  Hatches after a warm winter have been historically poor.



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