10/21/15, The trip that wasn’t.

22 10 2015

I had been thinking about going out walleye fishing all day long.  Nothing new but for some reason today I was feeling anxious about it.  It could have been because I hadn’t been out in over a month.  It could have been because the temps were dropping and I was hopeful that some bigger fish had moved in.  It could have also been because my inner voice was trying to tell me that something terrible was going to happen and that I should stay home.

I should really listen to my inner voice.

I rushed home from work and by 6:15 the boat was hooked up and I was on my way.  I arrived at the ramp at 6:30 and much to my delight no one was there to collect my money.  So far so good.  I pulled into position and started to get ready.  The wind was out of the south but it didn’t appear to be to bad.  I unhooked the trailer lights and released the stern straps.  I put my stern light in and pulled the switch.


I checked the connections on the battery and still nothing.  I check the bow lights and they were off as well.  I tried to turn on my Depth finder and still nothing.  I scratched my head for a second and checked the connections again, still nothing.  I pulled the battery out and checked everything over and it all looked good.  I tried to start the engine and absolutely nothing.  Only conclusion……Dead battery.  First time I have ever had that happen to me.  I must have left something on from my last trip and completely drained the battery.  Oh well, I hooked everything back up and headed for home.  Once I got the boat put away I hooked the battery up to the charger and sure enough 0.0%

Stupid Inner Voice.



3 responses

22 10 2015
Larry E.

Hmmm sounds familiar…… I replaced my transducer on my boat and turned on the fish finder and nothing happened, check connections as you did and still nothing. Finally I saw a glimmer of hope as it fired up and read 7 volts. I didn’t leave any electronics or lights on so time for a new battery for me too. That’s a bummer to race down there and not be able to fish.

4 11 2015

At least you didnt lose any gear.

4 11 2015

No I didn’t. As a matter of fact I only broke the bill on one Rapala and lost two spoon all year.

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